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InSync Launches Integrated B2B Ecommerce Solution at InSynchrony 2019

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InSync Tech-Fin Solutions, a company based out of Kolkata with the
mission and vision of not only transforming the world that is
data-driven but also making it data-efficient, recently rolled out their
flamboyant annual event ‘InSynchrony 2019’. This event was aimed at
bringing out enhancements to the existing solutions, developing newer
solutions to cater to the wide customer-base and sharing insights from
all the teams that have worked for the company. The event also took the
time out to recognize valuable contributions made by all the employees.

This year, InSync celebrated the launch of its very own Integrated
B2B eCommerce solution
. InSync now caters to any B2B business and
offers to build an integrated B2B eCommerce web-store for anyone from
scratch – from designing and building the store to putting in the B2B
functionalities required for the business. Also, InSync has termed this
offering as an Integrated offering – this means that any business
using the B2B solution will automatically have the liberty and the
choice of integrating their eCommerce store with their other platforms
like ERPs, CRMs, POS, etc.

In the fast-growing world of today, B2B eCommerce is the only apparent
path to move into to gain competitive edge in the market. The industry
is filled with competitors and InSync promises to offer unparalleled
functionalities for their B2B solution. Some of the features included in
the Integrated B2B eCommerce solution are:

  • Creating B2B Companies, Contact persons & Sales Reps
  • Custom Price List per Customer and/or Customer Groups
  • Custom Catalogues per Customer and/or Customer Groups
  • One-Click purchasing
  • Request for Quote
  • Approval process
  • Manage Returns
  • View & Create Invoices
  • Credit Limit
  • Loyalty Programs

And many more……

With the official launch of this B2B solution, InSync takes a step
forward in creating a world filled with innovation and productivity. One
can hope to experience more such technological advancements in the
upcoming years.