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Instem Kicks-Off Powerful Presentation Series Focusing on Their Use of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Techniques to Improve Drug Development Processes

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Instem, a leading provider of IT solutions to the global life sciences market, is pleased to announce that as part of its strategy to help bring life enhancing products to market more quickly and safely it will begin delivering a powerfully unique series of presentations to the industry.

For the balance of 2019, at key exhibitions, user group meetings and events, Instem will be outlining ways in which artificial and augmented intelligence technologies are being used to support the continuous exploration of safety topics from structured and unstructured, and public and private sources of data. The presentation series will also explore the opportunities and barriers to leveraging public and private data sources for commercial advantage in drug research and development.

Instem will formally kick off the series by delivering a presentation at this year’s 55th annual Eurotox conference in Helsinki, Finland. The presentation will be delivered by Dr Frances Hall, Instem’s Director of Scientific Solutions and Marc Ellison, Director of SEND Solutions. Instem’s presentation, entitled, “Leveraging the combined power of technology, expertise and regulatory standards for safer outcomes” considers how the deployment of powerful automated technologies to enhance both production and analytical processes does not yet eliminate the need for skilled human intervention in these areas. The manual, labor-intensive nature of this work leads to questions of productivity and quality that need to be explored together with the potential for further optimization as new techniques and tools arise.

Dr. Hall said, “As a leading provider of technology-enabled services to the life sciences, this presentation and our assertions draw heavily from our vast experience of working with the SEND standard, as well as our expertise in the curation and analysis of unstructured public and private scientific source materials for regulatory and decision-making purposes, specifically in support of Target Safety Assessments.”

Mr. Ellison added “The conclusions in the presentation are based on empirical evidence drawn from our practical experience of delivering regulatory and research services to drug development organizations around the world. This fully supports our mission to help our clients bring their products to market faster and more safely, and I’m excited to further expand this conversion as the drive for new innovation and efficiencies continues to grow.”

Join Instem as they get underway with their series, “Leveraging the combined power of technology, expertise and regulatory standards for safer outcomes” on Tuesday 10th September 2019, 12:30pm in Veranda 1 at Eurotox.

Instem will also be available at their booth (#30) throughout the Eurotox exhibition.

For more information about Instem’s technology-enabled services visit the submit-for-SEND and KnowledgeScan Target Safety Assessment service web pages or contact

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