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Insight Hosts Global AI Competition for Healthcare Innovation in Cincinnati

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Global systems integrator Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ: NSIT) hosted
a 24-hour artificial intelligence (AI) competition to design intuitive
healthcare solutions at its Digital Innovation office in Cincinnati
March 30-31. The School of AI organized the global contest, called
#HealthHack, across 22 cities to solve healthcare challenges using AI’s
ability to translate data into actionable intelligence.

The weekend event cast 16 Cincinnati thought leaders from different
professional disciplines ─ including medical, technology and business ─
into four teams competing to devise compelling AI solutions. One team
sought to replace nurse-intensive respiratory monitoring practices,
currently performed many times per hour, with predictive AI models.
Another analyzed women’s menstruation and symptom data to tailor
products and services at users based upon commonly available data. A
third team tapped a skin cancer image database to assess skin lesions to
speed cancer identification without biopsy.

“We’ve reached the tipping point where AI now significantly helps
healthcare and life sciences companies transform into real-time learning
systems. Data can be turned into decision support and automated actions
that can improve patient outcomes, optimize clinical staffing, and
reduce healthcare costs all-around,” said Brandon Ebken, chief
technology officer, Insight Digital Innovation.

“A great example of this is a predictive
intelligence platform
Insight has created for the largest for-profit
private hospital operator in the nation. We’ve helped them reduce
average hospital stays by a day and a half by predicting patient needs
up to 10 days ahead of when they actually walk through hospital doors so
that the right care providers are on hand to help people when they need
it most,” said Ebken.

Ray Crawford, an Insight digital solutions architect, and Brian
Woodward, founder and chief architect of Cincinnati-based Sellside,
Inc., coordinated the Cincinnati brainstorming event. Teams of AI
practitioners, students, medical professionals and business experts were
provided six healthcare datasets from which they could work during a
24-hour marathon session to develop an application or service delivering
affordable, high-quality care. Teams competed globally for prizes up to
$16,000, sponsored by Accenture.

“The opportunity for AI to transform
the healthcare industry
is immense. AI provides us a way to create
hyper-specialized models based upon vast datasets, much like the
hyper-specialized medical practitioners currently in the field. These
models and intelligent solutions will advance the way people live and
are cared for,” said Crawford. “It’s humbling to see how Insight
resources can make a difference locally and globally. Supporting the
School of AI was an exciting opportunity to educate a vibrant community,
encouraging them as they become high-impact AI practitioners intent on
improving the world by creating new predictive systems.”

The School
of AI
and its founder, bestselling author and data scientist Siraj
Raval, created #HealthHack as a means to carry forward the nonprofit
organization’s mission to offer free AI education to anyone who wants to
help transform the future of healthcare through technology.

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