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Release 15 compliant 5G New Radio non-standalone system can help
customers deliver 5G commercial wireless to market faster

NI (Nasdaq: NATI), the provider of platform-based systems that help
engineers and scientists solve the world’s greatest engineering
challenges, today announced a real-time 5G New Radio (NR) test UE
offering. The NI Test UE offering features a fully 3GPP Release 15
non-standalone (NSA) compliant system capable of emulating the full
operation of end-user devices or user equipment (UE).

With the 5G commercial rollout this year, engineers must validate the
design and functionality of 5G NR infrastructure equipment before
productization and release. Based on the rugged PXI Express platform,
the NI Test UE offering helps customers test prototypes in the lab and
in the field to evaluate them on service operators’ networks. In
addition, customers can perform InterOperability Device Testing (IoDT),
which is a critical part of the commercialization process to ensure that
network equipment works with UE from any vendor and vice versa. The NI
Test UE offering can also be used to perform benchmark testing to
evaluate the full capabilities of commercial and precommercial
micro-cell, small-cell and macro-cell 5G NR gNodeB equipment.

Spirent has worked with NI to add 5G NR support to its existing
portfolio of products. “As 5G was picking up steam, we looked to find a
world-class 5G NR platform that would outperform the market today and
continue to do so as the 5G market matures,” said Clarke Ryan, senior
director of Product Development at Spirent. “As a leader in SDR-based
radios since 2011, NI was the natural choice to ensure we have the best
radio with the best testing capabilities to stay ahead of the curve for
our customers.”

The NI Test UE offering provides a flexible system for evaluating 5G
technology. Customers can use the SDR front ends to select the sub-6 GHz
frequency of their choice. The system scales up to one 100 MHz bandwidth
component carrier and can be configured for up to 4×2 MIMO to achieve a
maximum throughput of 2.3 Gb/s. The 5G NR Release 15 software includes
complete protocol stack software that can connect with a 5G gNodeB while
providing real-time diagnostic information. Customers can log diagnostic
information to a disk for post-test analysis and debugging and can view
it on the software front panel for a real-time visualization of the
link’s performance.

“The industry is on the cusp of 5G commercial deployments and mobile
operators need to ensure that their infrastructure is 5G enabled in a
virtualized, programmable, open and cost-efficient way,” said Neeraj
Patel, Vice President and General Manager, Software and Services,
Radisys. “NI is leveraging our first-to-market 5G Software Suite as the
engine for its Test UE offering. Our complete 5G source code solution
for UE, gNB and 5GCN represents a disruptive end-to-end enabling
technology for customers to build 5G NR solutions. By powering such
first to market test applications together with NI and Spirent, we are
accelerating 5G commercialization that will change how the world

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