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Innovium Introduces TERALYNX® 8, World’s Highest Performance Programmable Switch for Data Center Networks with 25.6 Tbps throughput and support for 112 Gbps SerDes I/O

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Innovium, Inc., a leading provider of networking switch solutions for cloud and edge data centers, today announced TERALYNX® 8, the industry’s most advanced 25.6 Tbps programmable switch silicon with support for 112G PAM4 SerDes I/O. It enables customers to build highly compact, highest port-density single-chip switches for 100G to 800G configurations, including 1RU, 32 x 800G switch. Built using proven TERALYNX architecture that is powering the biggest cloud provider networks, TERALYNX 8 delivers the largest on-chip buffers, lowest-latency, unmatched FLASHLIGHT™ v3 telemetry and market-leading power efficiency. TERALYNX 8, along with TERALYNX 7 and TERALYNX 5, is the industry’s first and only complete data center product family that delivers a single scalable architecture with consistent feature-set and PAM4 connectivity for all switch and router requirements with bandwidth ranging from 1 Tbps to 25.6 Tbps.

Market Dynamics

Adoption of cloud computing has continued to grow rapidly as customers benefit from efficiency, scalability, business continuity and cost savings. The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements are further driving a massive systemic shift towards cloud-based operations for retail transactions, remote work and video. According to IDC, data is growing exponentially and is increasingly being stored, processed and analyzed in the cloud. Additionally, upcoming 5G and IoT deployments with up to 100x bandwidth per unit area, along with mega-scale AI / ML models will dramatically increase demand for higher scale networks and bandwidth. Cloud operators are looking to scale their data center networks using higher performance, higher radix and low-latency switches, while significantly reducing cost and power per bit.

Industry Analyst Quotes

650 Group: Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst

“As a leader in high performance merchant switch silicon, Innovium has become an established, credible option for silicon diversity with over 20% market share in 50G switch SerDes shipments world-wide in 2019. Given the current global condition, cloud customers are hungry for higher network bandwidth and looking at 112G SerDes based solutions. With the introduction of its 25.6Tbp TERALYNX 8 switch silicon, based upon a proven architecture and 112G SerDes, Innovium is well positioned to continue its market momentum.”

IDC: Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks

“As enterprises continue to migrate business-critical workloads to clouds, and as consumers continue to flock to rich cloud services, the demand for robust network performance and greater scalability intensifies in cloud environments. Innovium’s 25.6Tbps TERALYNX 8 Ethernet switch silicon, with its large on-chip buffers and low latency, is well placed to meet the exacting requirements of both fast-growing cloud datacenters, which are tackling increasingly sophisticated AI workloads, and cloud edge environments, which are integral to emerging 5G use cases.”

The Linley Group: Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst

“12.8Tbps switches with 100G/400G connectivity are being deployed in production today, but customers need higher scale networking solutions to address the rapid growth in bandwidth. Innovium is providing a powerful next generation solution to address this need with TERALYNX 8, a 25.6Tbps programmable switch chip based on its consistent architecture already deployed by cloud customers.”

TERALYNX 8: World’s First 25.6 Tbps Programmable Switch Silicon

Innovium is powering major deployment ramps at several hyperscale data center customers with its production-released TERALYNX 7 12.8T switch silicon. Leveraging the same proven TERALYNX architecture, Innovium is introducing TERALYNX 8 to provide the next level of scalability these data centers need to keep up with the massive growth being experienced by them. Customers can build a range of highest radix 100/200/400/800G switches with the lowest power and latency using TERALYNX 8.

TERALYNX 8 Family Highlights

  • Robust 112G SerDes IO with best economics for next-generation switches

    • Up to 256 long-reach (LR) 112G PAM4 SerDes to enable switch configurations such as 32 x 800G, 64 x 400G, 128 x 200 and 256 x 100G
    • Enables industry’s most compact 32 x 800G (25.6 Tbps) switch in 1RU form factor
    • Enables a range of connectivity options, including 10/25/50/100/200/400 GbE
  • TERASCALE fabric delivers industry’s most scalable interconnect with lowest latency

    • Range of pin-compatible SKU options, including 25.6 Tbps, 12.8 Tbps and 8Tbps
    • Largest on-chip buffer of 170 MB for a data-center switch
    • Highest radix with 256 ports to help flatten network tiers
  • INNOFLEX programmable forwarding pipeline offers unmatched flexibility and feature-set

    • No-compromises programmability to support new protocols without impact to throughput, latency or power
    • Enhanced forwarding and ACL table scales
    • Robust RoCE, PFC and rich QoS necessary for distributed storage, HPC and AI applications
  • FLASHLIGHT™ v3 telemetry and analytics solves toughest troubleshooting problems

    • Hardware driven in-band and streaming telemetry available at line-rate
    • Additional innovations for deep analytics correlated to applications
    • Unique predictive and actionable information versus reactive data overload seen in alternative switch providers
  • Industry’s most scalable and fully compatible product line from 1 to 25.6T

    • Full SW and architecture compatibility with TERALYNX 5 & TERALYNX 7
  • Delivers leading edge, proven and ultra-efficient technologies

    • Designed in a single 7nm die to deliver industry-leading performance per watt/$
    • Integrated multiple, high performance ARM CPU cores
    • Uses proven FCBGA package for highly robust system designs and faster time to market

“We are excited to see several top cloud customers deploying our industry-leading TERALYNX 7 based switches. They are experiencing tremendous growth from workloads such as AI, HPC and dis-aggregated storage and looking for significantly higher networking performance,” said Rajiv Khemani, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovium Inc. “Leveraging our modern, ultra-efficient TERALYNX architecture, we are pleased to launch TERALYNX 8 that addresses critical requirements of performance, latency, analytics and quality for next generation data-center networks.”

Proven Software and Extensive Solution Ecosystem

TERALYNX 8 is supported by a modern, production proven Software Development Kit (SDK) designed from the ground up and fully compatible with the TERALYNX 5 & 7 families. TERALYNX switch products are supported by a range of OEM, Hyperscale and open source network operating systems including the popular SONiC/SAI. A range of platform solutions are available via OEM solution partners as well as many top ODM white box vendors enabling rapid time-to-market. Additionally, Innovium has been partnering with the leading optics, DAC, ACC, and test equipment partners to ensure interoperability.


Samples of TERALYNX 8 switch silicon and reference systems will be available in 2H 2020. Design collateral is available now for early-access customers and partners. Please contact for further information and schedule a meeting.

Broad Industry and Ecosystem Support

Innovium is delighted to receive extensive industry support for its solutions from market leading companies including Amphenol ICC, Applied Optoelectronics, Credo, Eoptolink, Innolight Technology, Inphi, LinkedIn, Luxshare-ICT, MaxLinear Inc, Microsoft, Molex, Source Photonics, Spirent Communications, TE Connectivity and Xilinx. See press release: Innovium Receives Broad Industry Support for TERALYNX® Based Solutions using the 25.6T TERALYNX 8 Switch as well as SONiC Network OS (

About Innovium

Innovium is a leading provider of high performance, innovative switching silicon solutions for Cloud and Edge data centers. Innovium TERALYNX family delivers software compatible products ranging from 1Tbps to 25.6Tbps with unmatched telemetry, low latency, programmability, and large buffers, and a feature rich architecture that scales to 51.2Tbps+. Innovium’s products have been selected and validated by market-leading switch OEM, ODM and cloud providers. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock Partners, Walden Riverwood, Capricorn Investment Group, Qualcomm Ventures, S-Cubed Capital and Redline Capital. For more information, please visit:

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