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InnovaCare Health Expands Telehealth Access for Medicare Populations During COVID-19 Crisis

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InnovaCare Health, a national leader in integrated and value-based healthcare services, shared updates today about the company’s efforts in Central Florida to ensure seniors receive the convenient, high-quality care they need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the onset of the pandemic, InnovaCare has taken critical steps and made significant investments to better serve its members and patients at home during coronavirus-related shutdowns. Through subsidiary Orlando Family Physicians (OFP), one of the largest medical groups in Central Florida, the company has expanded its telehealth offerings to help patients access the care they need and maintain important relationships with their physicians.

Telehealth visits are particularly important for OFP’s patient base, more than half of which is made up of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. Patients above age 65 are considered higher risk for developing complications from COVID-19. For these high-risk patients, access to telehealth can be particularly important, as it allows their primary care physicians to maintain communication and remotely assess patients’ health.

The expanded capabilities have allowed OFP to handle an increased number of visits during the COVID-19 pandemic and also to be one of Central Florida’s only provider groups to continue accepting new patients.

“We are always focused on providing high-quality care to our patients in the most cost-effective and appropriate setting, and in these times, the best way to do that is often through virtual telehealth visits,” said Roz O’Rourke, Chief Operating Officer for OFP. “I’m proud of the way our organization has been able to continue our status as a trusted care provider, and also a trusted employer, for all who depend on us.”

Data suggests elderly patients often struggle to adopt telehealth technology. In mid-April, a national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies showed over half of respondents indicated they or someone in their household has delayed or skipped medical care during COVID-19. Only one-third of survey respondents had used telehealth and less than half of respondents age 65 or older said they would consider telehealth. For this reason, InnovaCare has invested time and resources to ensure OFP’s patients can undergo a robust educational process on how to use telehealth services.

All OFP employees are making general wellness calls to patients, to ensure patients are staying mentally and physically healthy. When appropriate, the OFP employee informs the patient of OFP’s expanded telehealth services and offers to explain the process for seeing a physician virtually. The group has also created a special webpage and an explainer video to make the process easier to understand.

“Trust is the gold standard in times of crisis, and the relationships OFP has built with its physicians, patients and employees have allowed us to continue providing trusted care and services,” said Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. “Innovation has always been central to the InnovaCare model, and OFP’s transition to expanded telehealth services is a clear example of that. By investing in technological capabilities and patient engagement best practices, even during this difficult time, we’re confident in our ability to continue delivering high-quality healthcare when our patients need us most.”

The approach has successfully transitioned OFP’s Medicare patients to this platform, as roughly 60 percent of patient visits over the past two months were conducted via telehealth. Some OFP locations reported conducting up to 90 percent of visits virtually.

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