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INNFOS Debuts Smart Compliant Actuator QDD-NU80 at World Robot Conference 2019

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INNFOS, the leading provider of smart compliant actuator (SCA) for robots, displayed its independently developed SCAs at World Robot Conference 2019 held on August 20-25 at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

Two new series of actuators were released during the Conference, one of them being the high-performance smart compliant actuator QDD-NU80 designed for multi-legged robots and unveiled for the first time ever to the public.

In recent years, more and more companies and college institutes are developing quadruped robots. However, few actuators in the market can meet the demands of quadruped robots which require sufficient torque and power, highly integrated control system, and compliant control capability of the actuator.

Given this market demand, INNFOS developed QDD-NU80 which is equipped with an integrated design to ensure lightweight and compact size, and can be used in multi-legged robots, parallel robots, and robot exoskeletons. QDD-NU80 can meet all the needs of a quadruped robot and is superior to the traditional servomotor in both control performance and costs.

Due to the limitation of the body shape, the quadruped robot has higher requirements on the size and shape of the actuator. Therefore, QDD-NU80 abandoned the cumbersome mechanical structure of the traditional servomotor and adopted the flattened structure with a thickness of merely 37mm, greatly reducing the space occupation. This improvement generated more possibilities for the mechanical design of the robot, especially the shaft joints of a quadruped robot.

The QDD-NU80 also incorporates the reducer, which increases the torque while ensuring a compact mechanical structure. The insertion of the reducer, which makes the actuator weigh 453.1 g, allows the QDD-NU80 to have a peak torque of 19.8 Nm, greatly increasing the torque density and better meeting the requirement of a quadruped robot.

Compliant control is another indispensable feature of robots. The QDD-NU80 comes with a series of sensors to help monitor the internal current and ultimately achieve compliant control with the support of advanced dynamic algorithms. What’s more, the QDD-NU80 also has sufficient rigidity for the reasonable workload of a quadruped robot. And the compliant control can realize safe and reliable human–machine interaction.

At the same time, the QDD-NU80 is optimized in integrated circuits and software algorithms, gaining more advantages than traditional servomotors in terms of cost and performance.

The launch of the QDD-NU80 will provide a reliable solution for quadruped robot actuators and promote the development of quadruped robots. In the future, as the robot industry is becoming more reliant on advanced robot hardware technologies, INNFOS will play an increasingly important role in the robot industry.