Press release

IngenioSpec Introduces Eyewear with Personal Display

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With its many eyewear-related patented technologies, IngenioSpec, an affiliate of IpVenture, now presents its technology for eyewear with a personal display system.

The display system can provide useful information, such as directions to a given destination or how fast a biker is currently traveling. This can be based on embedding other electronics in the eyewear. IngenioSpec’s patented outdoor activity technologies provide further examples. Such a display system does not have to obstruct the vision of the wearer. When seeing the outside isn’t an issue, such as during a bus ride or a long flight, the system can display movies or one’s social media feed.

Combining such a display system with IngenioSpec’s patented AR technologies and/or infotainment technologies, our eyewear can provide additional information to the user based on images she is currently looking at. For example, if the user is walking toward another person, our display can remind her of the person’s name, so she is prepared when they meet. If she is in a museum, our display can provide information regarding the various artwork she sees, as she walks around enjoying the ambience. As another example, our display can explain wild plants to the user during a hike. If the user is shopping in a retail store, the display can provide additional information on the products in her immediate vicinity.

With these patented technologies and more, IngenioSpec continues to lead in development of innovative, market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.