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Increasing Business Profits with the Aid of Supply Chain Management: Download SpendEdge’s Latest Newsletter for In-depth Insights

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SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest newsletter on increasing business profits with the aid of supply chain management. Supply chain management can help companies improve to supply chain efficiency and reduce inventory costs. It can also help businesses improve supply chain visibility on their international purchases and drive profitability.

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SpendEdge’s procurement solutions have helped numerous companies to stay competitive by offering insights to improve their supply chain management capabilities. Our latest newsletter covers how SpendEdge has helped companies from diverse categories to function at optimal capacity to provide and distribute various products and materials. It also highlights how our supply chain management solution has helped companies monitor supply chain activities and increase bottom-line savings.

According to our experts, supply chain management has become an important part of every organization. Active management of supply chain activities not only maximizes customer value and helps companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, but also helps in synchronizing supply with demand. This is the major reason why most companies are leveraging supply chain management solutions to reduce inventory costs and create value-added processes. With the aid of such solutions, businesses can now predict supply chain risks and devise strategies to mitigate them. This newsletter, which is now available for free download, will help you understand the importance of supply chain management in reducing supply chain costs and increasing business profit levels.

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Increasing Business Profit Levels with the Aid of Supply Chain Management

#1: Increasing Bottom-line Savings on a Sustained Basis

A CPG company in Europe wanted to revamp their supply chain management process. Their existing process was proving incompetent, especially when it came to improving supply chain visibility and resulted in increased error rates due to lost invoices. They wanted to reduce manufacturing lead times and increase asset utilization to compete in the global economy.

With the help of our experts, they employed a multi-tier supply chain management process. This helped them to obtain valuable insights into inventory and point-of-sale (POS) data. Our supply chain management services further helped them to increase bottom-line savings on a sustained basis.

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#2: Reducing Supply Chain Costs by Centralizing Logistics Network

The client, a renowned heavy equipment manufacturer in the US, was facing difficulties in formulating a centralized logistics network for procurement activities. They wanted to streamline their supplier and carrier services to enhance performance and address the rising demands from global markets.

SpendEdge’s supply chain management solution helped the client to consolidate metrics across various sectors of the supply chain. The solution offered also helped the client to reduce supply chain costs by centralizing their logistics operations.

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#3: Performing Supply Chain Analysis to Create New Value-added Processes

Owing to the huge scale of operations and global reach, the client felt the need to restructure their procurement functions to enhance supply chain visibility and drive profitability. They wanted to improve their logistics and supply chain management process and obtain end-to-end ownership of global shipments.

The solution offered helped them perform supply chain analysis and identify processes that could reduce inventory costs, improve forecasts, and schedule events. This enabled the client to improve supply chain efficiency, minimize costs, and overcome supply chain risks.

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