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In Light of Pandemic, Banking App Dave Expands Partnership with Feeding America

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Today Dave, the banking app offering up to a $100 income advance, side gigs and automated budgeting, announced that it is expanding its partnership with Feeding America® to address food insecurity resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With COVID-19 has come a loss of wages for many Americans. Coupled with the closures of most schools, which many children rely on for regular meals, Feeding America, the US-based nonprofit organization consisting of a network of 200 food banks nationwide, expects food insecurity to rise in the coming weeks.

To address these concerns for Dave’s customers and the broader U.S. community, Dave is expanding its existing partnership with Feeding America through:

  • Helpful content – Dave has launched an email and blog series called “Dave’s here for you,” which includes best practices for volunteering at and accessing food banks during this time, including a link to Feeding America’s food bank locator tool.
  • $250K Donation to COVID-19 Fund – In order to further assist Feeding America during this time, Dave has also donated $250K to their COVID-19 Response Fund, which is designed to help Feeding America secure food and determine how best to distribute it to people in need across the country.

In addition to expanding its partnership with Feeding America in response to COVID-19, Dave is continuing its ongoing donation relationship, which provides a “meal match” where Dave donates a meal* to Feeding America in return for certain actions within the app, such as referring a friend.

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

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