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Improving Supply Chain Planning With the Help of Artificial Intelligence | An Article by SpendEdge

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SpendEdge, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, has announced the completion of their latest article on the 5 interesting ways AI can enhance your supply chain.

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Today, artificial intelligence is becoming a mainstream technology in most industries. It is the intelligence displayed by machines, in which, learning and action-based capabilities mimic autonomy rather than process-oriented intelligence. AI can be classified into automation and augmentation. Understanding such categories of AI capacities is essential for businesses to implement artificial intelligence into business work tools.

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At SpendEdge, we understand that the applications of AI in supply chain possess the potential to boost top-line and bottom-line value. Therefore, we have listed a few ways through which AI can help you enhance your supply chain.

Ways in Which AI can Enhance your Supply Chain

Operational procurement

Companies need intelligent data sets to streamline the procurement process and automate functions in the supply chain. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that can efficiently automate functions in the supply chain. They can handle functions such as placing purchasing requests, speaking to suppliers, and sending actions to suppliers regarding governance and compliance materials.

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Supply chain planning

Supply chain planning forms an integral part of the supply chain strategy. Machine learning coupled with supply chain planning can help companies perform machine-to-machine analysis of big data sets and deliver outcomes based on intelligent algorithms. This will help companies to improve inventory and demand and supply forecasting.

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Warehouse management

Proper warehouse and inventory-based management is vital for companies to improve supply chain planning. However, understocking or overstocking can create challenges in improving warehouse management. Machine learning algorithms and data streams can help companies address such challenges by accurately forecasting supply and demand. This can avoid issues pertaining to shortage or excess stock.

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