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Impact Biosystems Closes $4.5m Series Seed for Active Recovery Tech

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Impact Biosystems, the Boston-based company that develops adaptive hardware and software services in the sports recovery space, closed $4.5m in new funding, co-led by Will Ventures and NextView Ventures.

Based on proven methods developed for professional athletes and groundbreaking MIT research, Impact provides active recovery solutions that track users’ muscle profile and respond in real time to stimulate the recovery process. Active recovery, which is exercising your muscles at a lower intensity level before and after a workout, has shown to have significant health benefits such as increasing blood flow circulation, eliminating toxins, alleviating soreness, and maintaining muscle flexibility.

“Impact’s technology has the potential to change the way fitness recovery is done. The aim is not just to make recovery faster and more personalized, but also to improve muscle readiness and resiliency in the long term,” said Isaiah Kacyvenski, founding partner at Will Ventures. “We are thrilled to be working with the team to bring this technology to the market.”

Unlike other devices on the market that use crank-piston based mechanisms, the Impact device employs a proprietary electromagnetic actuator for greater accuracy, precision, and real-time monitoring. This allows the recovery process to be highly customized to each individuals’ muscles, making it more effective.

“Impact is one of the first companies to be able to combine deeptech and consumer product development expertise in the muscle therapy space. Given the strong market tailwind created by the workout at home megatrends, this proves to be a very compelling opportunity for us,” said Rob Go, partner at Next View Ventures.

The Company was founded in 2019 by Ian Hunter (Chief Inventor), Sonny Vu (Executive Chairman), Bridget Hunter-Jones (CEO), and Craig Cheney (CTO). The team has extensive experience in consumer product development and marketing. Vu is a serial entrepreneur whose previous startup, Misfit, was acquired by Fossil Group for $260M. Hunter is an MIT professor and prolific inventor with over 200 patents registered. Hunter-Jones, with a background in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, lead product teams at Sonos. Cheney, PhD in robotics from MIT, is an expert in mechanical engineering, electronics, and measurements.

About Impact Biosystems

Headquartered in Boston, Impact Biosystems is a technology company that creates a personalized active recovery system, using adaptive hardware and software solutions.