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IEX Group Bolsters Senior Leadership Team with Key Hires from Bernstein and Citi

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The Investors Exchange (IEX), operated by IEX Group, Inc., today
announced the addition of two senior hires, Bill Guinan and Jonathan
Yam, to lead business and technology development.

Mr. Guinan is being appointed as Head of Business Development and will
join IEX following 14 years at Bernstein, most recently as Head of U.S.
Sector Trading. In this new role, he will lead the team responsible for
partnering with IEX’s buy-side and sell-side users to improve trading
performance on IEX, working closely with Chief Strategy Officer Eric
Stockland and Head of Market Development Boris Ilyevsky.

“I’ve experienced IEX’s industry-leading performance as a trader
executing on their platform and there’s no other venue that compares in
terms of the quality of its liquidity and its ability to match shares
and blocks without moving the price,” said Mr. Guinan. “I’ve been a
believer in IEX’s mission from the beginning and am excited for the
opportunity to collaborate with IEX’s clients to increase usage of what
this team has built. For the value they offer, IEX’s market share should
be much higher – so raising awareness among my peers in the trading
community will be my top priority.”

Mr. Yam joins IEX as Head of Technology Development, where he will lead
the team responsible for building and refining new products and features
to enhance IEX’s performance. Mr. Yam was previously Director at Citi,
where he led a team of more than 50 developers with global
responsibility for the development of electronic trading systems.

“Working in technology development in the routing and trading space,
it’s impossible to ignore the impact that IEX has made on this
industry,” said Mr. Yam. “The future of trading will be defined by new
ways to enable better execution – and there’s nowhere better to be doing
that as a technologist than working at IEX.”

“The first part of our company’s life was all about the fight to become
a stock exchange: securing funding, building the technology, launching
the ATS, attracting order flow, and earning SEC approval to run an
Exchange. Today, not only has IEX successfully overcome those
challenges, but the landscape is shifting in our favor as IEX is the
only exchange aligned with brokers on curbing exchanges’ monopoly
pricing, and transparency efforts like the SEC Transaction Fee Pilot
will shine a light on execution quality,” said IEX Co-Founder and CEO
Brad Katsuyama. “We see huge opportunities for IEX, both as an exchange
and through new businesses, so the addition of senior leaders like Bill
and Jonathan takes us one step closer to fully realizing our potential.
We are very excited, and there are more announcements to come.”

Both Mr. Guinan and Mr. Yam will assume their new roles on June 3. Mr.
Guinan will report to IEX President Ronan Ryan, and Mr. Yam will report
to Chief Technology Officer Rob Park.

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