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IDEMIA Launches Enhanced Security Smart Cards Resistant to Quantum Computers

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Asymmetric cryptosystems are at the heart of digital security as they
are the cornerstone for the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), as well as
– amongst other things – secure authentication, digital Identities and
trusted services. In particular, they are widely deployed in secure
elements to perform safe authentication of people and things (IoT).
it is believed that quantum computers will be able to break various
asymmetric cryptographic algorithms (such as RSA or ECC) within the next
20 years.

To make quantum-resistant smart cards, IDEMIA, the global leader in
Augmented Identity, has implemented in a secure element/smart card, an
asymmetric post-quantum algorithm creating an unforgeable signature when
using a quantum computer for enhanced authentication. Documents can be
signed in less than 2 seconds, ensuring a frictionless user experience.
These IDEMIA smart cards are now resistant “by design”.

IDEMIA is one of the only companies which offer quantum-safe asymmetric
cryptosystems, capitalizing on secure elements/smart cards, which offer
portability and confidentiality of secret elements (keys and
PIN/Biometric credentials).

This solution paves the way for the migration of digital security to
quantum-safe implementation: public key infrastructure, secure
authentication of people and things (IoT) and trusted services like
electronic signatures.

With its brand-new smart card solution, IDEMIA will address business
needs in authentication, logical access, tracking of actions, data
encryption and protection, for customers such as security agencies or
governmental organizations including ministries of defense.

IDEMIA is the trusted partner to help national security agencies,
governments, and also the private sector to continuously guarantee
”, said Jean-Christophe Fondeur, Executive Vice-President
for R&D activities at IDEMIA. “With this innovation, IDEMIA has
proven that a post-quantum algorithm can be implemented on a smart card.
Indeed, our R&D teams are committed to always providing cutting-edge
technologies, preparing our customers for the future, ahead of the curve.


IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted
environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily
critical activities (such as pay, connect, travel and vote), in the
physical as well as digital space.

Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live
in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, an identity that ensures
privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable
transactions, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect one
of our greatest assets – our identity – whether for individuals or for
objects, whenever and wherever security matters. We provide Augmented
Identity for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity,
Public Security and IoT sectors.

With 13,000 employees around the world, IDEMIA serves clients in 180

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