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IBD Breaks New Ground With the First Successful Social Media Influencer Program Focused on Investing

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Business Daily
(IBD), a leading financial news and research
organization, today announced its social media influencer program, which
is the first influencer network created specifically for the financial
services sector. The program is the latest example of IBD’s unique
ability to evolve from a traditional media company into a thriving
fintech media company that has maintained its respected brand identity
and strong customer loyalty amidst significant company growth. Based on
the success of a year-long pilot, IBD has formalized its ongoing
influencer program, which now includes many of the top investing experts
on social media.

IBD’s decision to add an influencer program stands out because the
financial services industry generally has been slow to embrace social
media programs, especially those that involve outside influencers. IBD
proves that it is possible to successfully move into social and further
grow its business while remaining consistent with its primary mission:
helping customers make more money in the stock market.

“We’ve seen how effective influencer programs can be in expanding reach,
but for us to be successful, IBD’s program has to be truly authentic
while aligning with our values as a company,” said John Becker, CMO at
IBD. “We’re building our network organically by focusing on influencers
who are existing fans of our brand, who actively use and post about our
products and services and who possess an understanding of investing
principles that align with our brand. Also, we partner with influencers
that have a large, and more importantly, engaged following. This is a
tall order, but we’re not trying to attract the masses. Instead, we want
to target a very specific audience which requires a specific type of

Unlike many mainstream consumer companies that rely on influencers who
may not have ever used or had any familiarity with the products being
highlighted, IBD selects only well-respected experts in the financial
space. IBD influencers are active in the markets and could use any
investing research tools or analysis to inform their thinking but chose
IBD. To discover, scale and validate influencers who are the right fit,
IBD uses the CreatorIQ platform. Current influencers include: Howard
Lindzon, co-founder of StockTwits, limited partner at Knight’s Bridge
Capital Partners, and managing partner of Social Leverage; Brian
Shannon, renowned trader, owner of AlphaTrends, author of the acclaimed
book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, and technical
analyst; and Trader Stewie, mastermind of the stock education

The program, which was spearheaded by IBD’s social media team with help
from CEO of Next Management Partners Jimmy Hutcheson, is already
demonstrating strong success within its targeted demographic of high net
worth individuals, active investors and people who want to learn how to
become successful investors. Among this select group, IBD’s influencers
were able to achieve the following during the pilot:

  • $1,073,000 in earned media value
  • 8,277,000 impressions
  • 73,000,000 audience reach
  • 16,300 engagements

IBD’s influencers draw greater attention to its impressive portfolio
designed specifically with investors’ needs in mind. IBD offers products
and educational services such as podcasts
and webinars,
premium offerings like MarketSmith
and Leaderboard
that include one-on-one investor coaching, live trading
and events, market-beating stock
and more. This comes on top of IBD’s stellar content which is
based on its proprietary CAN SLIM investing system. IBD’s market
analysis, profiles and news stories have been highlighted on social
media by personalities like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mark Cuban, Daymond
John, Robert Herjavec and Marc Benioff.

To learn more about all that IBD has to offer and how its influencers
are helping the company continue to break revenue records, please email

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