Press release Acquires Betterpath Health Empowering Patients with Access to Healthcare’s Dark Data

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the company bringing individuals and corporations into a
consumer-inclusive data economy, announced the acquisition of Betterpath;
a four-year-old Brooklyn, New York company with unique technologies that
works on behalf of patients to search, find, and improve healthcare data
that is currently difficult to access. The combined organization creates
a powerful combination of Consumer Consent as a Service, and
healthcare’s untapped datasets. Patients empowered with consent via’s #My31 app for Apple and Android will be able to request
deep clinical datasets from hospitals, clinics, and laboratories which
are often still on paper, behind fax machines, unstructured and referred
to by Andreessen Horowitz’s general partner Vijay Pande, as healthcare’s
“Dark Data”.

Matt Sinderbrand, CEO and co-founder of Betterpath will join as Senior Vice President, Chief Product Officer as well as
a member of the Board of Directors. “The track and trace of
consent and authorization model that has brought to market
has been what is missing in healthcare data from the inception,” states
Sinderbrand. “The simple idea that we should put the consumer (the
patient) into the center of the healthcare data supply chain with
ownership rights literally at their fingertips is both powerful, and

Sinderbrand started Betterpath after experiencing first-hand his
sister’s struggle with accessing her own healthcare data while battling
Crohn’s disease, and as a result prioritized the training of
Betterpath’s Lumos medical natural language understanding to learn more
than 100,000 biomedical-terms, synonyms, relationships, and structured
codes. In honor of his sister’s condition, the first disease vocabulary
programmed was Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

“I’ve seen and evaluated technology for two decades. The Betterpath
architecture, stack, and scalability is one of the best I have seen to
date in healthcare data retrieval,” says Richie Etwaru, CEO of “Matt is a first-class citizen in the new cohort of
healthcare data experts; he has learned more over the past four years
while getting the technology ready than most of the healthcare venture
community combined.” The Betterpath technology core includes Amazon Web
Services, React, Datomic, Docker, Cassandra, and Scala wrapped by fax
automation, real time APIs, trained Optical Character Recognition, the
NPI database, the Unified Medical Language System, and a patented
process of medical natural language training and understanding.

With this acquisition adds two patents to its intellectual
property portfolio and now operates an IRB approved observational
research cohort that enables healthcare’s dark data to be used for FDA
regulated clinical trials powering the discovery of transformational

About Betterpath

We believe that individuals, providers and researchers need a path to
improving healthcare enabled by data. Betterpath is a healthcare
technology company building software that powers individuals, healthcare
providers and healthcare researchers to find, retrieve, and understand
healthcare’s unstructured data. The software suite contains three
capabilities branded Compass, Lumos and Sonar. Together with the
appropriate consumer consent; Compass, Lumos and Sonar can find,
retrieve, and understand deep clinical data from hospitals and clinical
centers. The underlying capabilities leverage fax automation, optical
character recognition, and natural medical language understanding
coupled with patented processes. The company was founded in 2012 and
operates from Brooklyn, New York.

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Rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on
blockchains. The company has headquarters in New Jersey, USA and
operates in multiple countries. The leadership team includes over two
dozen senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, academic scholars,
and senior policy advisors from North America, Europe, Australia and
Africa. The vision of is a world where the next generation
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