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How Will Your Organization Make the Most of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2019?

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Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is an annual global event that
is facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) to help raise
awareness about the profession and the benefits that it brings. BCAW
2019 takes place from 13 – 17 May and is sponsored by Assurance Software
and ClearView Continuity.

BCAW provides a number of activities and opportunities for involvement;
and some forward planning will enable organizations to make the most of
the week. Areas to think about include:

  • The BCI offers a number
    of resources
    for promoting BCAW within your organization;
    including downloadable posters and other collateral. Starting to use
    these early will help to build momentum.
  • BCAW will include a packed webinar programme relating to the theme of
    ‘Investing in Resilience’ – encouraging relevant people in your
    organization to get appropriate webinars in their diary early is an
    easy win. The webinar schedule will be available later this month so
    keep an eye on the BCAW
    for updates.
  • A variety of BCAW activities will take place on social media, so
    follow @thebceye and use the hashtag #BCAW2019 to keep on top this
  • Run an exercise during BCAW week: focusing your organization’s BCAW
    awareness raising around an exercise is a good way to focus minds on
    the week’s aims. Exercises provide a touchpoint with many people in
    the business who the business continuity team does not normally have
    contact with, so this creates a great opportunity to incorporate
    awareness raising activities.
  • Hold an open day/session: invite other departments to come and see
    first-hand what business continuity entails and how it’s contributing
    to the wider resilience of your organization to increase engagement.

Assurance and ClearView are pleased to support BCAW week. The two brands
came together with the merger of Assurance Software and ClearView
Continuity in January 2019, creating the largest provider of business
continuity software worldwide, with over 800 customers, and consulting
and support services provided on six continents. BCAW provides an
opportunity for the merged company to show its commitment to investing
in and contributing to the growth of the wider business continuity and
resilience profession.

“ClearView and Assurance are delighted to sponsor this year’s Business
Continuity Awareness Week. We see BCAW as a key initiative to raise
awareness about the profession and the benefits that greater
resilience brings to organizations of all sizes. And we know from our
international operations that this is a global issue with organizations
in all Regions moving forward to adopt and build stronger business
continuity programs for a more resilient future. This sponsorship shows
the commitment that our merged company has to leading and supporting
innovation in the business continuity sector worldwide,” said Charles
Boffin, President of ClearView Continuity.

“We are excited to be playing a part in Business Continuity Awareness
Week,” said Craig Potts, Chief Executive Officer, Assurance Software.
“16 May marks the anniversary of the creation of Assurance Software and
supporting BCAW is a fitting way to highlight our substantial
investments in thought leadership and innovation for business continuity
and resilience during the last year. Assurance Software has a genuine
commitment to supporting and facilitating advancement of the business
continuity and resilience professions and we look forward to learning
what organizations around the world have to share on the theme of
Investing in Resilience.”

The BCI will host a webinar titled “Making the most of Business
Continuity Awareness Week” on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 10:00 AM EDT, 15:00
BST. The webinar is sponsored by Assurance Software and ClearView
Continuity and will feature Melissa Rhodes, Customer Community Manager &
Industry Advocate for Assurance Software.

About Assurance Software and ClearView Continuity

Assurance Software and ClearView Continuity merged in January 2019
creating the leading global provider of business continuity software and
services. The merged company has more than 800 customers on six
continents. The company is recognized for its deep domain expertise,
customer-focused delivery, and exemplary customer services. For more
information please visit