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How Data Analytics Is Reshaping the Food and Beverage Industry | Quantzig Offers Detailed Analytical Insights in Its Recent Article

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How data analytics is reshaping the food and beverage industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

How data analytics is reshaping the food and beverage industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

Data analytics has a major role to play in the decision-making process of every industry, and the food and beverage industry is no exception. Today data analytics is fostering growth and creating big gains in the rapidly expanding food and beverage industry. Rising costs of food waste and legislation aimed at reducing food wastage have forced food and beverage manufacturers to take a closer look at their data to see where they can reduce waste and save resources. Data and analytics turn out to be useful in reducing wastage by analyzing batch food expiration data for faster processing, food temperatures for safe storing, and market trends to optimize inventories. Analytics in the food industry also has a major role in the tracking of surplus and supply gaps to avoid future supply and demand inconsistencies, which in turn, reduces waste and saves costs.

Our food and beverage analytics solutions provide the necessary support to efficiently manage and mitigate challenges such as these, facilitating continuity and trust in the supply chain for their customers. With the help of advanced data and analytics, manufacturers can skillfully tackle supply chain disruptions and stay ahead of competitors.

Leveraging data and analytics helps food and beverage professionals to secure their share of the market. Talk to our analytics experts to learn how we can help you.

According to Quantzig’s data analytics experts, “The benefits that food and beverage companies gain from the use of analytics trickle down to their customers, helping them build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.”

At Quantzig, we understand the impact of supply chain disruptions on the food beverage industry. And to help food and beverage companies effectively manage supply chain operations during a crisis, our team of food and beverage analytics experts have highlighted the benefits of data and analytics in the food and beverage industry in our recent article. Here are several areas in which data analytics is serving this industry:

  1. Data democratization
  2. Revenue management
  3. Streamlining operational efficiency
  4. Risk management
  5. Market basket analysis

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