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Hospitality Communications Experts Launch Long Live Lodging

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Co-Principals Jonathan Albano, founder of Lodging Leaders podcast, Judy Maxwell, a veteran news journalist, and Anand and Neha Patel, owners of, a creative studio that crafts websites and mobile applications, today announced the official launch of Long Live Lodging, an online, multimedia news site that covers the hotel industry.

“During a ‘what-if’ meeting, we agreed that while there are other podcasts covering the hospitality industry, no one was providing long-form, in-depth reporting that went beyond press releases and platitudes,” Maxwell said. “With Jonathan’s Lodging Leaders operating as a weekly podcast with a steady stream of followers, we felt we had the foundation for something special.

“To build a more sustainable news platform and dig deeper into thought-provoking topics, we decided to morph the podcast from a one-on-one Q&A to a scripted narration that features a variety of voices, views and advice on trends and issues shaping the hospitality industry and impacting those who work, invest and do business in it,” Maxwell added. “Anand, a frequent consultant on web and mobile platforms, and Neha, a UX/UI designer, coupled their skill and creativity to develop our multimedia platform. They are experts in building business exposure through online design, development and social media channels.”

The podcast has covered a variety of topics, including human trafficking, immigration, Airbnb, workplace gender equality and equally weighty topics. complements many of the podcast reports with multimedia content such as blogs, photos and videos. Another feature is Humans of Lodging, which highlights unsung rock star employees, as well as those using their roles to make the world a better place.

“Since its launch in 2015, Lodging Leaders podcast has had more than 200,000 downloads from 140 countries, granting us an established audience out of the gate,” Albano said. “Even though we still are in our infancy as a new endeavor, we already are seeing unprecedented growth in followers. Lodging Leaders is the longest-running weekly hospitality podcast in production. We have no intention of giving up that position.”

“I’ve long believed that content alone isn’t enough to build an engaged audience; it also takes thoughtful design, a robust social media presence, a data-focused approach to learn about website visitors’ behaviors and an engineering team that can quickly pivot the platform as needs evolve,” Anand Patel said. “Partnering with such industry stalwarts as Jon and Judy allow Neha and me the opportunity to create a dynamic platform that will benefit from our individual talents to create a one-of-its-kind, industry news platform, the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts.”

About Long Live Lodging

Jonathan Albano is founder and co-host of Lodging Leaders podcast and is director of content production at Long Live Lodging. He has a degree in music production and engineering from Berklee College of Music.

Judy Maxwell is principal and editorial director at Long Live Lodging and co-host of Lodging Leaders podcast. She is a veteran news journalist with more than 35 years’ experience.

Anand Patel is principal and director of product development at Long Live Lodging. He is founder of Myriann, a creative agency. He has more than 11 years’ experience in design, development and creative strategy.

Neha Patel is principal and director of social media at Long Live Lodging. She has more than seven years’ experience in UX/UI design, social media strategy and creative strategy.

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