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High Cotton’s Growth Calls for Reorganization of C-Suite

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High Cotton, a leading provider of outsourced customer communication solutions for the financial services industry, has completed a restructuring of their C-Suite to directly align with newly implemented management philosophies, resulting in an enhanced and redefined executive team.

High Cotton has adapted a new management model, successful for thousands of other businesses, focused on ensuring the growth, health and vision of the company, as well as the talented staff supporting it. Through that adaptation, the executive team leading High Cotton also went through some adjustments, including the following:

  • Tommy McGahey stepped into the role of CEO to direct the vision of the organization;
  • Griffin McGahey was promoted to President where he will implement that vision throughout the company;
  • Jeremy Wood was promoted to Chief Technology Officer where he will oversee the infrastructure and development of internal and external software and web development;
  • Victoria VanCura-Rutland was promoted to Chief Growth Officer where she will connect the relationship process between the marketing, sales and project management;
  • Jeremiah Blackmon was hired to fill the role of Chief Financial Officer where he will manage the accounting, compliance and human resources teams;
  • Gerald Pettway was hired to fill the role of Chief Operations Officer where he will oversee day to day operations while ensuring top of the line service.

With the help of the new management model and updated executive team, High Cotton can better serve their clients through even the most demanding of production schedules.

“Jeremy, Victoria, Jeremiah and Gerald bring decades of experience and diverse backgrounds to High Cotton, which will play a vital role in helping us reach our current and future strategic goals,” said Griffin McGahey, president of High Cotton. “We look forward to the new roster of High Cotton executives leading our existing talented and energetic management team and associates toward not only meeting but exceeding these goals as we strive to grow and scale the organization further to best provide sustained excellence in the delivery of print and digital documents.”

About High Cotton

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, High Cotton has focused on delivering client communication solutions for over 55 years. Integrating the superior speed and security from the company’s print industry origins with the cutting-edge technological developments of FinTech companies, High Cotton provides their customers the peace of mind that their documents, both electronic and paper, are secure, accurate and delivered on time. For more information, call (877) 838-2345 or visit