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HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements Announces Start of VIRTUAL DEMO SERIES

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HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements (HSE) continues to educate the industry with a free Virtual Demo Series highlighting successful use cases and program types being delivered for pharmaceutical clients and their agencies. HSE is a full-service medical communications company that has been transforming the life sciences industry as a pioneer in peer-to-peer education for over 22-years and since 2011 has been the industry leader in virtual engagements. Having executed over 85,000 virtual events to date, including virtual peer to peer education, speaker trainings, advisory boards and more, HSE combines robust proprietary technologies, virtual content creation or refinement with a 100% in-house virtual team to deliver quality engagements and cost-efficient programs.

The Virtual Demo Series offers all members of the life sciences industry the opportunity to experience how HealthSTAR excels at virtual events and experience their expertise in action. HSE’s subject matter experts will demonstrate their preferred platforms functionality, virtual expertise, and in-market use cases. “While HSE has been executing market-leading virtual engagements for many years, having the internal infrastructure, the people, processes and technology 100% in-house, has allowed us to provide our clients with immediate opportunities to continue to engage with their clients through a variety of digital formats during the COVID-19 environment,” said Patrick Purcell, HSE’s lead on Strategic Engagements.

HSE is able to separate from other market offerings by offering their proficiency in content creation and refinement. “Our clients goals haven’t changed, we have just refocused on the virtual medium for the world we are facing now. We continue to challenge ourselves and our clients to refine their current content for the virtual channel and create unique non-traditional program formats customized for their target audiences”, said Lew Campanaro, SVP, Account Services. HSE works with their clients to create a Virtual Biorhythm design for every virtual engagement that is geared to create participation and calls to action throughout the event. Mr. Campanaro explains, “We don’t have the ability to read body language so we need to create ‘lean in’ moments during the event by using interactive content and the virtual platform tools”.

Register today to learn more on how HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements virtual experience can help elevate your next virtual engagement. The investment to keep all the logistics of virtual engagements completely in-house allows HSE to provide seamless service, flexibility to scale, and to keep costs down. The experience and expertise of the last 9-years has prepared HSE to not just survive the current climate of COVID-19 to but to thrive.

Go to or call 201-560-5544 to register.