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HealthSTAR Communications Launches a New Division: HealthSTAR Patient Engagements

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HealthSTAR Communications is excited to announce the launch of their fourth division, HealthSTAR Patient Engagements (HPE). Leveraging over two decades of commercial engagement success and market-leading technology, HPE is already engaged with clients using its holistic approach to patient engagements, from strategy and content development to engagement and meeting support and logistical services, all built on the comprehensive HealthSTAR foundation of service, compliance, data management and analytics. HPE will work directly with its client brand partners to deliver these solutions while advocating for the patient and bringing innovation and experience to patient engagement.

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“HealthSTAR Patient Engagements was designed utilizing the many proven strengths of The HealthSTAR Network in bringing the same kind of market-leading capabilities and success that we do on HCP engagements and supporting capabilities, now to the nuances and unique needs of the patient arena”, stated Chris Sweeney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HealthSTAR Communications.

HealthSTAR has continued to innovate communication strategy and message-delivery tactic and formats throughout its long history, but never quite so rapidly and dynamically as over the past year, as the harsh realities of the pandemic, and recent industry impacts like the OIG Special Fraud Alert have helped reshape the industry landscape. True to its legacy, HealthSTAR has remained on the leading edge of the market in responding to these challenges, launching several new and highly engaging meeting formats and game-changing engagement types, and operationalizing each to the unique needs of live vs. virtual and commercial vs. patient audiences.

For over two decades, HealthSTAR has led the market not only in compliant execution and engagement innovation, but also in creating multi-system integrations across distinct vendors/platforms to provide maximum automation and data value within its clients’ ecosystems. HPE’s proprietary technology, HPE360™, is built on HSE’s market-leading commercial engagement technology MER360®. Leveraging the experience of managing over 2.5 million engagements in its history, the HPE360™ platform manages and enforces unique and patient-engagement specific technology demands, polices, processes, workflows, and the underlying data elements of every aspect of each engagement.

“Providing service and technology solutions in the patient realm really does add new and specific challenges and opportunities”, explained Russ West, President. “HIPAA, privacy and strengthened security measures and operational policies are critical, of course, but I think what sets us apart is our commitment to empathy for the patient – understanding and solving for the unique and different realities each patient may face in attending an event, receiving relevant content, and making sense of the many messages they are receiving.”

HPE offers the marketplace a full-service capability mix, covering the patient engagement lifecycle, from concept to recruitment to event execution and reporting to data analytics and insights. To connect with HPE’s subject matter experts, please visit or email us directly at

About HealthSTAR Communications

HealthSTAR Communications is a full-service medical communications network of companies that has been transforming the life sciences industry for over two decades, generating over 2.5 billion dollars of revenue in that time. The HealthSTAR Communications Network is made up of four distinct divisions—HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements, HealthSTAR Fusion Group, Centron, and with the launch noted above, HealthSTAR Patient Engagements – spanning disciplines but always working seamlessly with its clients across these divisions to offer holistic, full-lifecycle, best-in-market solutions.

HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements (HSE) is a strategic and tactical promotional events business that is quickly approaching its two-millionth live promotional speaker event since its inception in 1998. Combined with unparalleled service, our industry leading enterprise events technology platform, MER360®, which is built to manage every aspect of compliant events, enforce business rules, and capture all transactional data important to our clients.

HealthSTAR Fusion Group (HFG) is a medical education agency that provides scientific strategy, impactful clinical content, and medical education expertise. At its core, HealthSTAR Fusion Group offers clients experience, expertise, and proven results that deliver the right message to the right target audience.

Centron is an award-winning healthcare communications agency with a focus on specialty brands, especially oncology and rare diseases. Centron excels in analyzing and optimizing their services in creative branding, campaign ideation, integrated strategic services, and promotional communications for each client’s unique needs.

HealthSTAR Patient Engagements (HPE) is a full-service patient engagement agency offering brands the ability to create meaningful impacts and messages that resonate with patients/caregivers through compliant programs, specialized patient-focused content, and years of experience meeting the unique and specific challenges that patient education brings. HPE leverages the HealthSTAR Networks proven models of success, proprietary technology, and content expertise. HPE strives to make the complex simple for both brands, patients, caregivers, and the entire patient ecosystem.