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Healthcare Concierge Service TouchCare Launches Two New Clinical Services.

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TouchCare, the premier healthcare concierge service, has expanded its
service offering to include two new clinical programs for their members:
virtual emergency room (leveraging telemedicine technology) and medical
second opinions. The new offerings further advance TouchCare’s two goals
of healthcare cost savings and improved member experience.

TouchCare is offered by employers to help their employees and family
members navigate the complex healthcare system. They currently serve
hundreds of employers and hundreds of thousands of individuals. “By
enabling people to be better consumers of healthcare, we are able to
alleviate stress and financial hardship,” says CEO, Rob LaHayne. “By
expanding our services to include clinical resources, we are only
furthering our mission to make healthcare easier and more affordable.”

TouchCare’s virtual emergency room will be provided in partnership with
The Virtual ER from United Concierge Medicine (UCM). “Our goal is to get
people the right care, at the right time, with as little stress as
possible,” says Keith Algozzine, CEO of UCM. “Our partnership with
TouchCare guides members to the most appropriate and highest quality of
care as quickly as possible.” Traditional telemedicine solutions are
limited in terms of what they treat. By providing our members The
Virtual ER, there is no limit to the medical scenarios that TouchCare
and UCM can treat or triage. “By combining best-in-class guidance with
speedy access to Emergency Medicine providers, we have created a highly
concierge service experience that improves member access to care and
reduces unnecessary visits to brick & mortar emergency rooms,” says

TouchCare’s second opinion services improve member outcomes. “Most folks
don’t realize they have the right to a second opinion,” says Codi Gill,
VP of Client Services at TouchCare. “Our partnership with Cancer Experts
Now is ensures our members take the best course of action in their
medical care – particularly when it’s a serious situation.”

“Many times, our members have access to services that they’re unaware of
and therefore don’t use. TouchCare consistently achieves very high
utilization with our customers. By leveraging our position as an
engagement tool to help guide members to other important services, we
elevate member experience and reduce healthcare costs.” – LaHayne

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