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HEAD Electronics Goes Medical

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Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES), today announces that HEAD electronics has achieved ISO13485 accreditation based in part, on Aegis as their trusted software provider of IIoT-driven MES software.

Specializing in the design and assembly of industrial electronics, HEAD electronics saw the urgent need for the manufacture of critical medical devices in the market, and has quickly and seamlessly achieved ISO13485 accreditation to carry out this vital work.

“Our primary motivation is more to help people in the world get through this crisis”, states Sini Dilrosun, Quality Manager, who continues, “We are proud of the dedication from our team to make this happen quickly, based on the excellence of our normal production practices, that feature Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES software at the core. We are now able to engage with a number of potential customers for the first products that require medical certification.”

Such accreditation exists to ensure the quality and reliability of products, in this case, to an exceptionally high standard. The mindset and culture within HEAD electronics has always been in line with this, which has allowed HEAD electronics to be flexible in responding to opportunities and needs as they arise, supported by the adaptability of FactoryLogix to quickly change the types of products manufactured.

Daniel Walls, European Managing Director, Aegis Software, states, “There can be no greater acknowledgment of the capability and performance of our software than to enable customers such as HEAD electronics to be recognized, meeting customers’ core business needs. We are very pleased that FactoryLogix is contributing to help people who urgently need the manufacture of dependable medical equipment in these challenging times.”

Customers of HEAD electronics are assured of a world-class supply of medical devices, further differentiating HEAD’s market position and value as they respond quickly and assuredly for the direct benefit of the many people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

About HEAD electronics

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