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GumGum Sports Introduces Self-Service Sponsorship Management Platform to Increase the Value of Esports Player Streams

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Esports teams partner with hundreds of esports players, whose thousands
of hours of live gameplay stream to vast global audiences each week.
There are millions of eyes on these streams, which makes each stream a
valuable potential marketing opportunity. In the current esports
ecosystem, capitalizing on sponsorship opportunities is an inefficient,
behindhand process. Today, however, GumGum Sports announced a new
product that will revolutionize in-stream sponsorship. The company’s Streaming
Management Platform (SMP)
is a customizable, self-service esports
sponsorship management platform that allows players, teams and brands to
configure sponsorship placements during gameplay without impacting a
player’s live stream.

Over the last several months Team SoloMid (TSM) and other organizations
have successfully deployed GumGum Sports SMP under an exclusive beta
testing partnership. The platform, which makes it possible to seamlessly
add, edit and remove sponsorship overlays in player streams, has given
partners the ability to customize campaign durations, schedule
dayparting parameters for when to serve particular sponsorships, and
alter creative executions to suit individual sponsor’s needs.

Beyond helping to control sponsorship implementation, the platform also
delivers detailed realtime reporting, providing interested parties with
a daily gamer dashboard that delivers insights into concurrent viewers,
impressions delivered per sponsor, and timestamps for each sponsor
delivery, unlocking the true value of the streams through detailed

“In the end, it’s about increasing revenue for the esports industry –
and this product does things like help our partners analyze how much
value they’re delivering to each team or sponsor, allow them to adjust
CPMs, and see how much incremental inventory is available for them to
monetize,” said GumGum Sports General Manager, Brian Kim. Kim also
highlighted the SMP’s ease of use, noting that the platform is
compatible with all major streaming software solutions, including OBS
Studio and XSplit, and that installing stream integration requires
pasting just a single line of code.

According to GumGum CEO, Phil Schraeder, this esports sponsorship
management offering falls right in line with the company’s broader
mission of mining untapped value in the digital advertising and sports

“GumGum believes that esports, like digital media, should become a
programmatic driven marketplace and this launch represents a major first
step toward that goal,” Mr. Schraeder said. “The next step will be
implementing the buy side system we’re developing, which will allow
agencies and brands to setup and bid for sponsorships across streamers.”

GumGum Sports, which delivers computer vision-power sports sponsorship
valuation to teams, leagues and brands across a variety of sports, has
placed considerable strategic focus on the esports market. In addition
to working with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and the English Premier League,
the company currently provides media valuation for numerous esports,
including 100 Thieves, Dignitas and TSM.

About GumGum Sports:

is a division of GumGum that leverages computer vision
technology to help brands, agencies and rights holders to capture the
full media value of sports sponsorships. By analyzing live broadcasts,
social media and digital streaming, GumGum Sports provides accurate,
timely and comprehensive media valuations. The company enables rights
holders to retain and grow partner revenue and gives sponsors the
ability to track and optimize media value across their sponsorship
portfolios. For more information, please visit