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GroupBy Data Reveals Festive Prints and Celebrating the Outdoors Trended Upwards in Online Retail This Memorial Day

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, a leading provider of relevancy-focused eCommerce solutions,
today announced its retail customers saw significant year-over-year
(YOY) increases in online searches for festive clothing, outdoor wear
and specific categories of grills during this year’s Memorial Day
Weekend compared to 2018’s Memorial Day Weekend.

Searches reflect a desire to celebrate with festive clothing and
outdoor wear

According to aggregated data from GroupBy’s customer base, searches for
larger brands during the Memorial Day Weekend decreased 50% from 2018,
while terms related to niche brands increased. Patterned clothing,
including animal print and tie-dye, showed a 290% increase in search
traffic. As well, while the number of queries for beachwear decreased by
15%, searches for outerwear, such as waterproof and hiking-related
clothing increased by 175%.

Shoppers get specific about the grills they are looking for to
celebrate summer

While broad search terms such as “grill” decreased by 48%, specific
product searches including terms like “smoker,” “gas grill” and “pellet
grill” increased by 50%, demonstrating that consumers are looking for
products with more specificity. Likewise, search specific barbecue
foods, such as ribs and burgers, showed a 26% increase in search.

Additional findings include:

  • While the volume of searches did not change significantly YOY, queries
    around the Leisure and Outdoors category, including phrases around
    water activities, camping, and hunting, showed an increase of 122%
    from 2018 to 2019.
  • The Home and Garden category saw a relative decrease in search
    interest year over year, but queries still showed an increase heading
    into Memorial Day Weekend compared to the rest of the month.

“This year-over-year search comparison demonstrates consumers are
increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their product searches as
they turn to eCommerce to begin their shopping journey,” said Roland
Gossage, CEO, GroupBy Inc. “To capitalize on this behavior during the
traditionally slow summer sales months, retailers should look to amplify
their product search capabilities further to help consumers arrive at a
specific product faster to maximize sales. By doing so, retailers will
also be able to further capitalize on consumers’ heightened attention
during key summer shopping events such as Fourth of July, Amazon Prime
Day and Labor Day.”

GroupBy’s Personalization, Recommendations, Search As You Type (SAYT)
and Intelligent Navigation solutions ensure that eCommerce retailers are
equipped with the right tools to make products more findable to shoppers
with enhanced product descriptions leading to an improved shopper
experience and increased conversion rates. What’s more, GroupBy empowers
retailers with real-time insight into operational performance and search
trends, such as those reflected above, to react to trends quickly and
improve their site accordingly.

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