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Greenwich Associates Focus and Explorer Platforms Combine Proprietary Data on Bank Use With State-of-the-art Machine Learning

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Greenwich Associates is bringing a new weapon to the battle for market share in commercial banking—analytics platforms that include data from thousands of companies in the U.S. about the banks they use, the banking products they purchase, the products they are most likely to use next, and their level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with their current providers.

The Greenwich Focus and Explorer platforms help commercial banks set strategies by identifying their biggest opportunities and risks, and arm sales management and relationship managers with detailed, client-level data to execute a strategy with precisely targeted sales plans.

At the strategic level, Greenwich Explorer delivers actionable information on market size by product, share of individual banks, and the amount of revenues available by acquiring ‘at risk’ business of competitors as well as cross selling to the true market potential. Greenwich Focus provides granular, company specific data that identifies companies dissatisfied with current banks and specific share of wallet opportunities by product among both a bank’s client list and among clients of competitors—as well as companies’ wallet share distribution among competing banks.

“Greenwich Focus and Explorer dramatically boost the effectiveness of commercial bank’s strategic planning and tactical sales efforts by identifying low-hanging fruit, protecting against attrition and optimizing business among existing clients,” says Jen Paterson, Vice President of Business Development at Greenwich Associates.

Enhanced with Company-Level Data, Powered by Machine Learning, Delivered in Real Time

Greenwich Focus and Explorer are powered by Greenwich Associates proprietary Product Probability and Value Models which use state-of-the-art machine learning to analyze the product usage patterns across millions of company records. This analysis is enhanced with data from the Firm’s interviews each year with companies and other buyers of banking and financial service products, and is delivered to client banks through Focus APIs that integrate analytics with banks’ internal systems in real time.