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Green Circle Health Renames Company as Green Circle Life and Expands Service Offerings

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Circle Health
announced it has renamed the company Green Circle Life
and launched new services to meet increased market demand for more
comprehensive human resources (HR) solutions. Green Circle Life helps
employers maximize benefits utilization to drive productivity and
profitability through an engaged, happy and healthy workforce.

With Green Circle Life, employers better engage employees by providing
innovative tools and strategies to improve not only how they work, but
how they live as well. Now, in response to positive industry adoption of
its services, Green Circle Life is diversifying its service offerings
with the release of:

  • Green Circle HR offers employers centralized HR benefits and
    services dashboards via their own company branded mobile app for use
    by employees and their families. With these centralized HR dashboards,
    employees have access to all employer provided services and benefits,
    such as health insurance, prescription services, 401k plans, voluntary
    benefits, payroll, enrollment, training programs, handbooks and other
    internal tools. Available via mobile app or web-based portal, the
    dashboard’s multi-channel communications capabilities help employers
    maximize benefits utilization and ensure employees are realizing the
    most value from their total compensation.
  • Green Circle Health provides employers with risk stratification
    capabilities and a deeper understanding of their overall healthcare
    costs. Leveraging this service, employers offer employees and four
    family members access to chronic condition management programs, the
    ability to augment health records and vital information in real-time
    using connected health devices and trackers and remote monitoring
    services featuring digital and live coaches from Green Circle Health’s
    clinical team, who manage outreach and follow-up to help families
    achieve better outcomes and live healthier lives.
  • Green Circle Wellness helps employers create a culture of
    holistic wellbeing using wellness assessments, personalized wellness
    programs and team wellness challenges that encourage employees and
    their families to make meaningful behavioral changes and lead
    healthier lives. With integrated rewards management, screening, events
    management, activities tracking and coaching, employee health and
    wellbeing can become an active part of their daily lives.

All these services are fully integrated with each other and can be
deployed individually or expanded as company needs evolve over time.

“We have learned over the past several years that a narrow focus on
health and wellness alone does not help employers maximize benefits
utilization or attract and retain employees,” said Dinesh Sheth, founder
and CEO of Green Circle Life. “Green Circle Life creates an engaging
employee experience that supports employees and their families both at
work and at home.”

To learn more, visit the new website at

About Green Circle Life

Green Circle Life offers the patented web- and mobile-based Green Circle
platform for employers to engage employees and their families to live
happier, healthier and more productive lives. This helps employers
attract and retain talent as they offer a centralized app for employees
to access communications, benefits and services, which leads to more
workforce creativity, better healthcare outcomes, lower healthcare costs
and improved profitability through a culture of holistic wellbeing.

The Green Circle Life suite of services are designed for a
multi-generational workforce and segmented as HR, Health and Wellness,
which are HIPAA and EEOC compliant. These services are fully integrated
with each other and can be deployed individually or expanded as company
needs evolve over time. For more information, visit
and follow them on Twitter
and LinkedIn.