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GreatHorn Awarded US Patent for New Email Impersonation Detection Method

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provider of the industry’s most advanced email threat protection
platform, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark
Office has issued the company US
Patent 20170339169
covering one of the many algorithms and threat
analysis methods that underlie the GreatHorn Email Security platform.
The newly patented method identifies fraudulent email messages that
impersonate either the target’s company domain or that of a well-known
brand by comparing the input text character string of the incoming and
target domain names.

As cybercriminals increasingly turn to executive and brand
impersonations to penetrate corporate defenses, identifying the wide
variety of spoofing techniques is critical to defending against this
exploding threat tactic. Taking two or three letters at a time,
GreatHorn’s analysis method assigns a similarity score to each text
character based on how visually similar they are to those stored in a
computer storage system, taking into account combinations of characters
that look similar to individual characters, the similarity of individual
characters across different alphabets, and simple additions and
deletions. The more visually similar the character strings, the higher
the score. If the similarity score of the domain name reaches a certain
threshold, the email message is then flagged as a potential phishing
threat to customers in the GreatHorn
Email Security

“Phishing attacks design techniques such as domain look-alikes
specifically to trick the distracted user,” said Ray Wallace, CTO and
co-founder of GreatHorn. “With our newly patented analysis methodology,
we identify the small, often hidden clues that indicate a threat that a
user might otherwise miss. We take pride in giving our customers the
reassurance that their email–and any associated credentials or access
that it enables– is protected.”

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GreatHorn protects organizations from more advanced threats than any
other email security platform. By combining its highly sophisticated
threat detection engine with accessible user context tools and
integrated incident response capabilities, GreatHorn Email Security
shields businesses from both sophisticated phishing attacks and
fast-moving zero-day threats, freeing security teams from the tedium of
email security management while enabling them to respond to genuine
threats faster than ever before.

By combining deep relationship analytics with continuously evolving user
and organizational profiling, GreatHorn’s cloud-native email security
platform provides adaptive, anomaly-based threat detection that secures
email from malware, ransomware, executive impersonations, credential
theft attempts, business services spoofing, and other social
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