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GRC to Provide Worldwide Support and Server Warranty for Data Center Immersion Cooling Customers

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the leader in immersion
cooling for data centers
, today announced that it’s working with
TechData, a multinational distributor of technology products, services
and solutions to provide support and warranties for worldwide customers
submerging servers and other equipment in GRC’s immersion cooling

The partnership enables customers in the over one hundred countries
served by TechData to have access to technical capabilities, subject
matter expertise and customer service to enable the successful
deployment of GRC’s immersion cooling solutions in their data centers.

The value of this relationship to customers is that it effectively
warranties all servers installed worldwide either purchased directly by
the end user or when GRC purchases and installs. TechData supports
contracts on all equipment including servers, switches, storage area
networks and other equipment that is suitable for submersion in GRC’s
cooling solution.

“As we grow our global footprint, it is wonderful to add TechData to our
network of partners, while providing customers with added peace of mind”
said Peter Poulin, CEO of GRC. “With their complete solutions and focus
on meeting the technology and data center needs of their customers, they
expand our reach and enable us to deliver exceptional customer service
in new markets.”

About GRC

GRC is the immersion cooling authority. The company’s patented immersion
cooling technology radically simplifies deployment of data center
cooling infrastructure. By eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, air
handlers, humidity controls and other conventional cooling components,
enterprises reduce their data center design, build, energy, and
maintenance costs. GRC’s solutions are deployed in thirteen countries
and are ideal for high density computing, including artificial
intelligence, blockchain, HPC, and other GPU-centric applications. They
are environmentally resilient and space saving, making it possible to
deploy the solution in virtually any location with minimal lead time.

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