Press release

GP&E, a Recognized Pioneer of Advanced Eco-Material in South Korea Moves its Way to North America and Launches its First USA Branch in San Jose

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GP&E Co., Ltd. is a leading global company with eco-friendly technology,
based on integrated technologies of environment, biology, and
nanochemistry. GP&E Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies various kinds of
high quality Humidity Sensors such as Humidity Indicator Cards (HICs)
for electric and electronic products, primarily focusing on
Semiconductors, PCBs, and LEDs with its core products for 17 years. GP&E
Co., Ltd. is proudly expanding its business in Temperature Indicator
(TI), G•SOL®, and SaniCoat®, and launches its
first North America branch in Silicon Valley.

Fields of Business

1. HIC (Humidity Indicator Card) and TI (Temperature Indicator)

HIC is a mandatory item in the final packing of electric and electronic
products. HIC indicates relative humidity(RH) levels by color change in
a system where humidity needs to be controlled such as military
products, semiconductors, PCBs, and LEDs. TI is an essential tool for
tracking the temperature changes in foods, pharmaceuticals, and medical
products during transportation and storage. The HIC and TI are made
without any harmful materials and eco-friendliness is one of the
distinct features of GP&E products.

2. G•SOL® (Global Solution) for Healthcare
and Bio-Material Industries

G•SOL® is an eco-friendly antibacterial and antiviral
material made through the synthesized process of natural minerals. It
kills various harmful bacteria, viruses, microorganism and odor, and the
effects last for exceptionally extended periods of time. G•SOL®
can be utilized as disinfecting additives for healthcare and hygiene
products. From household products including textile fresheners, laundry
detergents, washing agents and odor purifying sprays to cosmetical
ingredients, G•SOL® can be placed as the first-line
antibacterial barrier to protect the public’s health. GP&E has made
contracts with global companies based in China and Singapore since 2010.

3. SaniCoat® for Surface Treatment Industries

SaniCoat® is an eco-friendly ultra-hydrophilic inorganic
coating material with anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and
anti-microorganism functions. SaniCoat® eliminates scale and
slime, prevents corrosion under strong acidic chemicals, and has high
tolerance to salinity. SaniCoat® is the 3-in-1 coating
applicator for car-parts (HVAC System, Evaporator, Radiator, and etc.)
and for ship-parts (Heat Exchanger, BWTS Filter and System, and etc.).
Global car HVAC and ship BWTS filter companies have been collaborating
with GP&E since 2016.

Introduction of the Company of GP&E

GP&E Co., Ltd. is a leading global company with eco-friendly technology
in advanced eco-materials for electric and electronic devices. It has
supplied major semiconductor, PCB, LED companies with its HIC products
for 17 years, and is expanding its business in temperature indicator
(TI), G•SOL®, and SaniCoat®.