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GoodRx Expands Healthcare Services With Introduction of GoodRx Care

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GoodRx, America’s leading marketplace for affordable and convenient healthcare, announced today the launch of GoodRx Care, powered by HeyDoctor. Starting today, Americans can conduct an online medical visit with a board-certified medical professional to get fast and easy treatment, prescriptions, and lab tests for routine medical issues. This new service is a result of GoodRx’s recent acquisition of HeyDoctor, the leading physician-founded provider of online medical services.

This new service comes at a time when Americans find that getting access to primary care physicians to be increasingly difficult. For those with insurance, the average wait time to see a doctor is 24 days and growing1, and the United States is expected to see a shortage of as many as 120,000 physicians by 2032, with a shortage of up to 55,000 primary care physicians in particular2. Compounding the problem, as of last year, over 27.5 million Americans do not have health insurance3. As healthcare costs continue to rise and many insurance plans cover fewer services than they did a year ago, consumers need affordable options for their routine health needs. With the introduction of GoodRx Care, Americans now have easy access to a network of qualified medical professionals so they can get the treatment they need, when they need it.

“Over the years, we’ve helped millions of Americans find affordable solutions for their prescription medications, but we’ve also learned that many people struggle to get to the doctor,” said Doug Hirsch, co-CEO and co-founder of GoodRx. “GoodRx Care aims to help fill in the gaps in care to improve access, adherence, and affordability of medical care for all Americans.”

GoodRx Care connects patients with or without insurance to board-certified physicians who provide an array of primary care services, including lab testing, refills of preventive and chronic medications, and treatment for acute medical conditions. These services include birth control, smoking cessation, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infections and more. Most visits are just $20 (lab tests require additional fees). When patients are prescribed a medication by a doctor through GoodRx Care, GoodRx will provide pharmacy discounts for the lowest prices available. GoodRx does not sell any medications itself.

“In an increasingly fragmented and confusing healthcare system, our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for services that address most basic healthcare needs,” said Hirsch.

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GoodRx is the country’s leading marketplace for affordable and convenient healthcare. The company offers the most comprehensive and accurate resource for prescription medications in the U.S., gathering pricing information from thousands of pharmacies coast to coast. More than 10 million consumers use GoodRx each month to find current prices and discounts for their medications. Since 2011, Americans with and without health insurance have saved more than $14 billion using GoodRx – more than $5 billion in 2019 alone. With GoodRx Care, Americans can get an online medical visit with a skilled physician for fast and easy treatment, prescriptions, and lab tests for routine medical issues. GoodRx is the #1 medical app on the iOS and Android app stores and thousands of doctors recommend GoodRx to their patients. For more information, visit