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Gold Media Tech, a software development company, is aiming to be the #1 go-to tech partner for Fortune 500 companies and startups in the U.S.

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Gold Media Tech (GMT), a software development company that partners with Fortune 500 companies and startups by helping them with their software engineering and mobile applications development projects, announced today that it plans to add recruiting services to its platform.

The team specializes in a variety of language/frameworks that include: Vue.js, React.js, React native, Python, Node.js, Swift, C++, Java, Drupal, Laravel and WordPress. GMT prides itself on only hiring 1% of its job applicants.

Gold Media Tech is focused on helping its clients adapt to the current era of constant digital transformation. With this new recruiting services initiative, GMT can add more value to its clients by adding one more service to its existing suite of solutions. In addition to helping companies with their UX/UI designs, Amazon Web Services (AWS) problems, and other software development issues, GMT will now help its clients tackle the existing talent shortage for software developers.

“Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the American economy, and we are committed to giving our clients access to the best talent globally. As the economy continues to grow and Big Tech companies continue to drive demand for top developers, even well funded startups are having a hard time hiring. Competition has made incredibly difficult to find the right talent, especially if you are not based in San Francisco, New York, Boston or Seattle. We are determined to get over these hurdles and get the best talent for our clients,” said Daniel Taboada, co-founder and CEO of Gold Media Tech.

“Gold Media Tech’s designers and engineers helped us redesign and rebuild our website. They quickly understood our needs and delivered a website that captured the uniqueness of our products and communicated our brand identity to our customers,” said Michel Maalouly, co-founder and CEO of Desora, a Harvard Co-founded smart home appliance company building the next generation of grills.

About Gold Media Tech

Gold Media Tech’s approach has been popular and proven with both start-ups and big companies solving all types of different problems. After launching in 2017, GMT scaled rapidly securing clients in multiple industries including companies focused on: education, financial services, healthcare, construction, beverages and other brands. For more information, visit