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GoFundMe Launches Non-Profit,, With Redesigned Website and Causes

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Today, GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform,
announced the launch of,
an independent, registered 501(c)(3) public charity. The announcement
comes with the launch of Causes, where donors can support a
broad topic with a single tax-deductible donation that benefits multiple
fundraisers. Causes will launch with topics ranging from animal rescue
to supporting K-12 classrooms. is a rebranding of what was previously the Direct Impact
Fund. Since the fall of 2017, by working with GoFundMe, the Direct
Impact Fund has been able to quickly and efficiently support those
affected by events such as natural disasters, man-made tragedies and
other charitable causes. Building on this initial success, and under the
new name, is working with GoFundMe to expand and help more
people connect to causes they care about, while helping fundraisers
reach larger communities.’s first step in doing so will be
the launch of Causes.

“Together with GoFundMe, we are expanding the benefits of social
fundraising and continuing to support some of the most impactful needs
within our community with tax-deductible donations,” said Yoshi Inoue,
CEO of Causes highlights GoFundMe fundraisers related to evergreen
topics, bringing new donors to fundraisers and building a community.
Donations to Causes help multiple fundraisers while still
receiving the benefits of GoFundMe, including video updates and
transparency to see the impact of donations. Causes will launch with six topics, including: Animal
Rescue, Mental Health, Environment, K-12 Classrooms, Veterans and Kid
Heroes. will continue to expand Causes with additional
fundraisers and add new topics to the website on an ongoing basis.

“We’re dedicated to bringing more people together to support causes they
care about,” says Raquel Rozas, GoFundMe chief marketing officer. “By
working with our non-profit arm,, we’re providing people
the opportunity to give to one topic they’re passionate about rather
than having to pick just one fundraiser to support.”

In honor of National Pet Day, April’s GoFundMe
, Matt Nelson of the popular @dog_rates
Twitter account, is championing the Animal
Rescue cause
to support fundraisers that help animal rescue in local
communities around the country.

To learn more and donate to Causes, visit:

About GoFundMe

Launched in 2010, GoFundMe is the world’s largest free social
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About is an independent, registered 501(c)(3) public charity. works closely with GoFundMe®, the world’s largest and most
trusted online fundraising platform, to provide a transparent way to
support your favorite causes and urgent needs. distributes
tax-deductible donations to hundreds of verified fundraisers and
charities related to the cause.