Press release Launches Integration with Microsoft Teams for a Seamless Learning Experience as More Organizations Work and Learn Remotely

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Today GO1, a leading network of the world’s top content providers and learning management systems, announced an integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling any organization using Teams to access one of the world’s largest libraries of online learning, and much more.

“We are delighted to partner with Microsoft to provide an incredible learning experience within Microsoft Teams,” said Andrew Barnes, CEO of GO1. “In these times where remote learning has become a necessity for many, we are looking forward to helping organizations to improve ease of access and engagement for learning content.”

The GO1 app for Microsoft Teams creates a single place to learn within Teams by bringing learning content directly into Teams and enabling individuals to find, consume, share, and discuss learning resources. The app can pull in learning resources from Teams files, your computer, web links, your learning management system, and GO1’s extensive library of learning resources. The GO1 app also supports interactive content formats like SCORM, AICC, and xAPI. Tailor the learning resources that are visible in different teams. With learning resources easily accessible and conversations around learning resources only a click away, deliver an amazing learning experience, whatever that learning might be.

“We are pleased to announce this relationship with GO1 to deliver a fantastic end-to-end learning experience within Microsoft Teams. Being able to access content directly in Teams, and facilitate robust conversations about that content, helps create a rich environment conducive to learning of all kinds,” shared Steven Abrahams, PM, Partnerships in Education for Microsoft Teams.

GO1 serves as the hub of the learning ecosystem, connecting to learning management systems and content providers. GO1 enables organizations to deliver their own learning content, or popular third- party content, in the systems they use every day, like Teams.

As part of the launch of the GO1 app for Teams, through the end of June 2020, the GO1 Premium subscription, with tens of thousands of learning resources, will be available for free to any organization using the GO1 Teams app.

To learn more about the GO1 app for Teams, visit (for businesses) or (for educational institutions). Questions can be directed to

If you are a learning management system or content provider, GO1 would love to speak with you about being a part of this new learning experience. Please reach out to for more information.

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