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Global Engineering Design Optimization Leader is OmniQuest

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Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc., the global leader in automotive engineering design optimization, is now OmniQuest™ with the slogan On A Quest For the Best™. The move to the OmniQuest brand acknowledges the maturing of design optimization, a field pioneered and perfected over the previous half-century through the leadership of OmniQuest Chairman & Founder Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats.

“Preparing to make Optimization commonplace, we had to accomplish research and client-focused development in parallel with advancement of computing technology,” Dr. Vanderplaats said. “The OmniQuest name reflects our vision of optimization being applied by anyone for any journey,” said Vanderplaats.

OmniQuest is a team of design engineers delivering the most powerful optimization tools for engineering designers. OmniQuest empowers the design engineer to automatically determine design variable values that deliver products optimized for performance, quality, and the best use of available resources. The OmniQuest brand focuses on the company’s relentless drive to deliver the highest quality software that is the most powerful, most easy, and most affordable to use.

“As a close partner to Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc., for nearly 20 years, the OmniQuest rebranding represents an exciting milestone in the company’s relentless ambition to be global leaders in optimization technology,” said Martin Gambling, Managing Director GRM Consulting Ltd. “For GRM’s customers, the renaming to OmniQuest represents a broader drive to deliver optimization products in a format that is easier to integrate and use,” Gambling said.

“Faithfully responding to client needs fueled our turning Dr. Vanderplaats’ theory into reality,” adds OmniQuest President Juan Pablo Leiva. “GENESIS® Structural Analysis & Optimization Software and ILIAD™ Design Exploration Automation Studio, developed and perfected over decades, while fully appreciated by our longtime clients, sometimes appear to new clients as magical automation,” said Leiva.

OmniQuest established its longtime client base through decades of narrow focus on engineering structural design optimization within the automotive industry.

“No other optimization software provider has focused exclusively on this single category for this amount of time,” said Stewart A. Skomra, OmniQuest CEO. Skomra continues, “There are no other commercial offerings available for a design engineer to put computing power to work exploring so many aspects of design. This an exciting time for OmniQuest.”

The OmniQuest name signals the beginning of extending optimization capabilities across industries.

OmniQuest™ enables anyone to be On A Quest For The Best™.

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About OmniQuest™

OmniQuest™ is the leading developer and supplier of software to assist engineers in achieving optimized product designs in the automotive and heavy equipment industries. OmniQuest was founded in 1984 as Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc. by Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats for the advancement of numerical optimization in industry. Dr. Vanderplaats is a widely recognized expert the optimization field. In its fifth decade, privately held OmniQuest has evolved into a premier software company, developing and marketing design optimization tools, professional services, training, and engaging in ongoing advanced research.