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Global Branding Platform Talent Logo Launches to Fight the Ugly Branding Problem

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Talent Logo, a digital logo and branding platform that aims to connect top designers to small business owners at affordable prices, announced its launch. Talent Logo has created a virtual team of the best and most experienced designers, illustrators and creators in the world. This enables small businesses access to affordable, well-designed logos for use on business cards, email signatures, stationery and more.

To celebrate its launch, Talent Logo is offering brand package pricing ranging from $252 – $468 (prices subject to change), a fraction of the $10,000 price that is typical at premium studios where most of its designers work. Talent Logo’s digital platform uses Available Time Slot (ATS) technology. This concept allows it to use professionals’ free-time so they can help small businesses for a small price.

“I was inspired to solve the high-quality branding accessibility problem for small businesses,” said Ben Azevedo, Talent Logo co-founder. “Time and time again I would witness smart, innovative businesses being turned away from working with the top design agencies because they could not afford the price. I knew they would end up with a sub-par logo which inevitably leads to a lack of credibility, funding, and growth. I made it my mission to find great designers who were willing to give part of their time to help small businesses develop great branding.”

The Talent Logo platform model challenges the traditional agency model with its disruptive ATS technology, similar to that used in ride-share companies and at websites like LegalZoom. Available talent simply logs in and is ready for work. The process works like this:

  • A company fills in information about its business and branding needs.
  • The platform vets the company to ensure a successful match with available talent.
  • The designer sends concepts within three days for feedback.
  • The work is not complete until the client is fully satisfied. Revisions are included in the pricing model with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Talent Logo has done the vetting of designers and only allows the top one percent of professionals to be part of the team. For more information visit