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GetSwift Announces 14th Consecutive Quarter of Revenue Growth Totaling $8.7m

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GetSwift posted its March 2020 quarterly results today, indicating a 14th consecutive quarter of revenue growth.

The Company posted a 336% sequential increase in revenue and other income to the previous quarter and a 702% increase compared to the same quarter last year. The Company has been able to achieve a 24X revenue increase over the last 24 months, and a 74X since listing in December 2016. The Company expects growth to continue.

GetSwift CEO Bane Hunter said, “We are pleased that our long term strategy is becoming a reality. We will continue to relentlessly pursue growth across multiple domains, as in our opinion, the Company is well-placed to provide a number of services and products to both new and existing customers. We will continue to work hard on behalf of our shareholders, clients, and partners, and we thank them for their support. As an essential service provider in the USA, we are proud to be of service in any way we can.”

About GetSwift Limited

Technology to Optimise Global Delivery Logistics

GetSwift is a worldwide leader in delivery management automation. From enterprise to hyper-local, businesses across dozens of industries around the globe depend on our SaaS platform to bring visibility, accountability, efficiency, and savings to their supply chain and last-mile operations. GetSwift is headquartered in New York City and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: GSW). For further background, please visit

GetSwift is an emerging growth company and is subject to a variety of risks. The company is not yet profitable, and there can be no assurance that it will achieve profitability. The company’s business and a variety of investment considerations are discussed in more detail in the company’s filings with the Australia Securities Exchange (ASX). Investors are encouraged to review the more complete information contained in such filings.