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GeorgiaALIVE to Showcase COVID-19 Innovation and Resources Across State

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GeorgiaALIVE Inc., a leadership initiative for a vital economy, is placing an increased emphasis on supporting innovation and resources relating to the COVID-19 response in Georgia. Driven by the overwhelming efforts from businesses, organizations and individuals across the state, GeorgiaALIVE is adding more focus on innovation and resources that enhance the prevention, treatment, testing and tracing of the novel coronavirus in Georgia. The initiative will be led by veteran Atlanta executive, Ben Balsley, Executive Chairman, AGA and Former CEO, Onepath.

GeorgiaALIVE is committed to serving Georgia’s healthcare facilities, government entities and community groups by supporting and connecting emerging innovation emerging from area businesses, non-profits, universities and research organizations. To identify relevant initiatives, GeorgiaALIVE is working with multiple groups throughout the state, including Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Invest Atlanta, among others.

The innovation initiative will be highlighted on the GeorgiaALIVE website, Additionally, new steering committee members have been named and all are playing a critical role in identifying needed resources, many are providing direct access to innovation sources. The new members include:

  • Chaouki Abdallah, Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR) at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Claire Sterk, President of Emory University
  • Bird Blitch, CEO and Co-founder of Patientco
  • Reverend Gerald Durley, Pastor Emeritus at Providence Missionary Baptist Church

“Since inception, ensuring the state has an adequate supply of PPE has been a key focus for GeorgiaALIVE,” shares Ed Trimble, GeorgiaALIVE founder. “We are extending our focus to highlight the much needed COVID-19 centered innovation being created in our state.”

The innovation initiative will continue to evolve over the coming days and weeks. “Our ultimate vision is to have GeorgiaALIVE serve as a hub and amplifier that connects innovators and resources with those needing them – be it hospitals, businesses and organizations going back to the new normal or the community at large,” adds Balsley.

One example of the innovation and resources being promoted on the website is Atlanta-based Aaron’s Inc. and its Project Sew Happy To Help. Aaron’s has converted its Woodhaven furniture manufacturing plant in Cairo, Ga. to produce personal protective equipment for local medical centers. To date, the company has shipped more than 16,000 masks and 900 gowns to medical and assisted living facilities in the southeast, and are working at a rate to produce more than 12,000 masks and 5,000 gowns per week.

“Giving back to the communities in which we serve is at the heart of Aaron’s, Inc.,” says Robbie Kamerschen, EVP, General Counsel and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Aaron’s, Inc. “Our Project Sew Happy To Help program is just one of the many ways the Georgia business community has stepped up to support the fight against coronavirus. We’re honored to be a part of GeorgiaALIVE’s innovation initiative.”

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About GeorgiaALIVE Inc.

A leadership for a vital economy, GeorgiaALIVE, a Georgia corporation with pending nonprofit status, was formed out of an effort to track the spread of the novel coronavirus and the associated COVID-19 disease across the United States of America and specifically within the state of Georgia. The organization has the ability to address future needs of the state. Its mission includes tracking the spread of coronavirus in Georgia, promoting shelter in place and other public awareness to keep Georgians safe and supporting innovation and resources that enhance the prevention, treatment, testing and tracing of coronavirus.

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