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Geopolitical Consulting Firm Perch Perspectives Launches, Releases 2020 Forecast and Special Reports on Grain, Supply Chain

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Perch Perspectives, a human-centric business and political consulting firm that applies geopolitical expertise to business strategy, exited stealth mode today and launched its suite of consulting services to executives, policymakers and industry decision-makers. The firm also released a series of inaugural reports on COVID-19’s global impact on supply chains, global geopolitical forces affecting grain markets, and the international affairs that will shape the coming decade.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Perch Perspectives provides clients in markets such as global supply chain, agriculture, technology, aerospace and energy with the holistic perspective to confidently navigate geopolitical challenges and build the right business strategy.

The firm was founded by Jacob L. Shapiro, a geopolitical analyst with more than a decade of experience at Stratfor and Geopolitical Futures. There, he earned a reputation as a rigorous researcher and exceptional writer, willing to challenge traditional methods and ideas with unconventional thinking.

“Today, we find ourselves in an environment of unprecedented challenge and complexity,” Shapiro said. “Perch Perspectives is based on the principle that the needs of each business are inherently unique, and therefore require solutions built on independent and unconventional approaches. Our goal is to empower every client with the right information to navigate these critical challenges and make confident decisions for the future of their business.”

By fusing the lessons of history, culture and human experience with more traditional geopolitical areas such as economics and power dynamics, Perch Perspectives delivers a holistic worldview that businesses and decision-makers can use to influence their own circumstances instead of react to them. With direct access to senior analysts, the firm offers collaborative consulting engagements and deliverables, including projections, forecasts, special and bespoke reports, and independent analysis.

Perch Perspectives has made the following reports available for clients and media:

– Thinking Beyond the Panic: COVID-19’s Long-Term Impact on Supply Chains in Asia

– Geopolitical Forces Shaping the Global Grain Market

– Geopolitical Forces Shaping the 2020s

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About Perch Perspectives

Perch Perspectives is a human-centric political and business consulting firm operating under the premise that every person has agency when armed with the right information and perspective. It advises business executives, corporations, policymakers, governments and NGOs on past, present and future international affairs, with additional expertise in markets such as global supply chain, agriculture, technology, aerospace and energy. Perch Perspectives provides clients with a holistic understanding of the historical, cultural, geographic, political and economic forces that define the nature of power, shape the world and impact business decisions. For more information, visit