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Gemalto Identity Management System to Empower the World’s Citizens with Secure and Unique Identities

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Gemalto, a Thales company, is launching its Identity Management
System (IDMS) that can help governments address the challenges posed by
a world in which over one billion people have no official ID. Using the
capture and identity verification
techniques, Gemalto’s
solutions enable public authorities to empower citizens with a fully
secured and trusted Foundational Identity. This system supports people
identification and authentication so they can securely access online and
offline services such as education or healthcare, and proves their right
to participate in elections, apply for a passport or open a bank
account. Users retain full control over their personal data, choosing
how and when it is shared with service providers.

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Identity Management System. Credit: Getty Images

Identity Management System. Credit: Getty Images

UN targets universal provision of ID by 2030

The staggering number of citizens rendered invisible to public agencies
by the absence of an official ID includes one out of three children
worldwide. Most international financial institutions are supporting Digital
schemes in many countries over the next ten years. These
initiatives are also backed by the UN, which has itself set the target
of everyone on the planet having a legal identity by 20301.

Mobile, biometric-based registration can reach remote and isolated

Gemalto’s IDMS provides authorities with a fully integrated, end-to-end
solution which can adapt to existing identity schemes and orchestrate
its interactions. The process starts with registration of a person and
capture of their biometrics, with easy-to use mobile technology ensuring
coverage can reach even the most remote regions. Registration is
followed by entry onto a central database or civil registry and the
creation of a unique individual identifier.

Reaping the benefits of Foundational ID

This Foundational Identity can provide the basis for issuance of digital
and physical ID credentials, and subsequent registration with numerous
different public bodies and services. All these processes can be
verified beyond doubt using the individual’s biometrics and unique
identifier. Gemalto’s approach also offers citizens outstanding
protection, and assurance that their data will not be used for
commercial gain.

Promoting inclusion, fighting fraud

For governments, a universal ID program facilitates accurate planning of
public services, and comprehensive social inclusion strategies. Robust
protection against the threat of fraud is also provided, as part of the
digital ID platform to further boost efficiency, convenience and
adoption of eServices. The Foundational Identity also eliminates the
need for individual bodies, such as those responsible for health and
welfare, to continually repeat enrollment procedures.

“A unique legal ID is a basic human right that can unlock access to
many more – including education, welfare and participation in the
democratic process,” said Frédéric Trojani, senior vice president
Identity and Biometric Solutions for
Thales. “Our Identity
Management System leverages unrivalled experience in delivering Digital
Identity solutions that empower citizens, defend their personal data,
and ensure unhindered access to the rights and services.”

Note to editors

Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to
enterprise security and the internet of things. Gemalto’s technologies
and services authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data
and create value for software – enabling businesses and governments to
deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things.

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