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Gaia Klēn Acquires Worldwide License and Distribution Rights for the Ergofito Bioremediation Product Line

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Gaia Klēn, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company,, with operating offices in High Point, North Carolina, recently entered into an historic agreement with Mavu Bio, a Capetown, South Africa company, that has revolutionized the bioremediation industry with environmentally-friendly products that supercharge nature’s power to clean the earth’s precious resources. These products were formerly marketed under the brand Ergofito.

Dr. Adnan M. Mjalli, the Executive Chairman of Gaia Klēn and a celebrated scientist with multiple successes building companies in the pharmaceutical space, applied his knowledge and experience to examine the science behind the Ergofito bioremediation product line and found the applications for this technology to be endless.

“This exciting break-through partners specific microorganisms having complementary appetites for contamination into a proprietary cocktail that boosts their natural cleaning capabilities,” stated Dr. Mjalli. “I immediately recognized the value and opportunities for further development of the technology. We will be the exclusive worldwide provider of this proprietary and novel 100% natural earth-driven microorganic-base technology inspired by the vermi-compost found in soil for transforming the breakdown of waste into natural fertilizer (humus) which creates a healthier earth and more productive soil. Gaia Klēn will use natural elements to return severely damaged land and water to productive, healthy, and valuable ecosystems. We solve large-scale complex industrial and environmental problems with our proprietary natural product including oil products desulfurization, soil restoration for increased agriculture yield and resilience, purification of salt and fresh water for aquaculture, and offer a natural fire suppression system for jet fuel and intense heat fires.” Dr. Mjalli added that the product is certified by the European Union, South Africa, and the United States.

Mr. John R. Thompson, now a principal and Vice-President, Business Relationships for Gaia Klēn, has been passionate about the products for several years through its development phases. “I am ecstatic about the acquisition and opportunities to bring this product line to the world stage. So far, these innovative products can be used for fast and cost-effective removal of oil deposits from water and soil and for cleaning sulfur from crude oil; cleaning chicken coops and piggeries of dangerous pathogens and smells to allow for healthier food supplies; disinfecting residential and commercial waste-water facilities to alleviate water scarcity; and safer, faster fire suppression,” says Mr. Thompson. He adds that “with Dr. Mjalli at the helm, we will see research and development to expand on these applications.”

One of Mavu Bio’s owners and lead scientists, Alvaro Tangocci, commented, “I am excited about the distribution channels expected to open for the products and for the sophisticated business and science acumen that will be applied to support Dr. Mjalli’s company’s ultimate goals to contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet for everyone and for all nations to better handle the crushing weight of environmental contamination. Our goal is to bring nature back to nature bio organically without any chemicals. We are excited and committed to a long partnership with the Mjalli Investment Group so we can all make a difference for better healthier life.”