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G2 Releases G2 Track to Help Businesses Optimize Software Spend

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(formerly G2 Crowd) today announced G2 Track to help companies optimize
their SaaS spend and technology stacks. G2
brings together the best of Siftery’s Track product, acquired
by G2 in December 2018
, with validated user reviews and unmatched
buying insights from the world’s largest B2B technology marketplace,
used by three million active buyers each month.

G2 Track helps finance and operations leaders navigate the complexities
of the growing software landscape, to ensure they get the most value out
of every application they purchase. Unused or mismatched software has
become an obstacle, both to organizational budgets and employee
productivity and happiness.

Today, an estimated $1.4 trillion is spent by companies on enterprise
software and IT services each year [1], creating a sprawling SaaS
environment where approximately $40 billion is spent on unused software
[2], and 1 in 4 employees would consider looking for new jobs due to
missing or ineffective tools [3]. This, combined with the fact that the
average data breach will cost a company $7.9 million [4], has made the
need for real-time visibility and management of technology stacks,
compliance, security, and privacy standards more important than ever.

G2 Track helps attack SaaS sprawl by easily managing technology
footprints to hone in on product usage, billing trends, contract
renewals, vendor compliance, and more. The platform securely and
directly syncs with the accounting and financial systems businesses use,
and trust. G2 Track then provides a bird’s-eye view of all apps in use,
and enables the management of all SaaS products, licenses and provisions
— pinpointing opportunities to save and optimize for finance, business
ops and IT leaders.

Since acquiring Siftery, G2 has invested in the future of SaaS tracking
for the modern, software-powered enterprise, including monitoring spend
and usage by department, and even per employee. G2’s goal is to build
the first unified data cloud to provide businesses unparalleled insights
to discover, buy, and now completely manage the right technology
solutions for them.

“I can definitely say that Track is the best tool on the market in terms
of frictionless integration, visibility, and tracking,” said Oleg
Campbell, Founder & CEO of Reply. “We’ve already identified
opportunities to save, and have dramatically cut the cost of several

“With G2 Track, businesses big and small finally have a go-to tool to
help with the heavy lifting of reeling in software overspend,
redundancies and chaos – it works so well that we use it ourselves,”
said G2 CEO Godard Abel. “Companies and teams using G2 Track are
instantly getting a clear picture of their entire technology footprint,
and are discovering opportunities to save they didn’t even know they

As the usage of technology software grows among businesses, it’s playing
an increasingly larger role in the working life of an average employee –
affecting productivity, happiness, and job satisfaction, to name a few.
G2’s recent State
of Software Happiness Survey
revealed that 62.1%
of respondents stated that they aren’t reaching their full potential at
work due to a mismatch of SaaS tools, and 96.4% of respondents
stated that they would be more satisfied (happier) at work with access
to better software.

“We also know that how companies find, buy and manage software bleeds
into more aspects of an organization than one might think, and we aim to
help companies organize their software stack more efficiently than ever.
We’re excited to watch G2 Track affect our customers’ bottom lines in a
variety of different ways, from saving on tools – to keeping employees
happy and productive,” said G2 CEO Godard Abel.

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