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Functional Remedies Leapfrogs Hemp Industry with Next-Gen Tech on Company-Owned Farm

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, the only vertically-integrated hemp oil company, announced
it has implemented precision technology utilized in mainstream
agriculture to maximize plant health and yields with data-driven,
actionable insights.

Functional Remedies’ company-owned farm in Colorado is applying next-gen
agroscience technology and lab analytics to capture the DNA of the soil
— testing for nutrient levels, pH, chloride, diseases, heavy metals and
microbes among others. The sampling is coupled with GPS ground-probing
to map the entire farm. By combining sampling and GPS mapping,
Functional Remedies can track the transition of nutrients from soil to
flower with pinpoint accuracy, helping make faster, data-informed

Using a two-pronged approach, Functional Remedies is also mapping the
health of its hemp above ground with unmanned aerial vehicles (U.A.V. or
drones). The drone footage is plugged into the latest artificial
intelligence (A.I.) software to capture data, including healthy and
destructive pests, plant stress, disease and prevalence of invasive
plants. The footage allows the capture of minute information down to the
singular insect or the veins on the individual hemp plants. These
actionable insights will allow Functional Remedies to grow and maintain
the healthiest and most nutrient-rich hemp plants.

“I’ve been growing and breeding hemp for over 20 years,” said Functional
Remedies Chief Science Officer, Tim Gordon. “The future of agriculture
is hemp, and this next stage of growth lies with being able to take data
and turn it into action to grow the highest quality and healthiest hemp
crops in the industry. We look forward to continuing to use the latest
technology to make smarter, faster and quantifiable decisions and show
consumers we care deeply about what goes into our final lipid-infused
hemp oil products.”

Functional Remedies is the only vertically-integrated hemp oil company
in the U.S. and the only national company using a proprietary, lipid
infusion process. This latest precision agriculture improvement to the
farm will not only help maximize plant health and yields but is a
testament to bringing consumers a hemp oil product they can trust,
knowing it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, has accurate ingredient
labeling and can pinpoint exactly where the hemp is grown. No other hemp
or CBD companies can make this claim of traceability or quality control.

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About Functional Remedies

Functional Remedies produces the only hand-pressed, lipid-infused
hemp oil, derived from the most nutrient-dense hemp plants, and
formulated using a proprietary whole-plant, lipid infusion process. This
results in highly efficacious products that deliver the greatest
possible entourage effect and are far superior to CBD isolate and
concentrate products made with CO2 and chemical extraction processes.
Functional Remedies is unique among hemp oil producers as it is the only
vertically-integrated company with complete control from farm to
cultivation to finished goods. Functional Remedies uses the most
respected independent labs to test and verify their ingredient
specifications and phytonutrient content. For more information on
Functional Remedies and its products, visit