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Fueling Intelligent & Actionable Margin Decisions Faster, Vendavo® Launches Margin Bridge Analyzer

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Disruptions in supply and demand and other dynamic market factors are wreaking havoc and B2B enterprises continue to struggle to pinpoint the business impact to the bottom line. To help companies understand and explain the business implications of change, Vendavo, a leading provider of commercial excellence solutions, today launched Vendavo® Margin Bridge Analyzer (VMBA).

VMBA is a powerful, cloud-based commercial intelligence solution that enables B2B enterprises to accurately measure and monitor the business impact of complex changes in prices, volumes, product mix, and other dynamic market factors including currency fluctuations. Unlike traditional manual and spreadsheet driven approaches, VMBA delivers a highly scalable, automated and more accurate approach to better meet the price, volume, mix analysis requirements of large enterprises.

“Large enterprises that sell millions of SKUs to tens of thousands of customers have countless variables,” said Bruno Slosse, President and CEO, Vendavo. “Manual, spreadsheet driven processes simply can’t scale to this purpose. They are inflexible to the different performance insights often needed by leadership including a top-line view, by business unit, a regional look or even by product line. Actionable insights are difficult to discern, and inaccuracies are often widespread.”

Automated and configurable dashboards can quickly aggregate disparate data into holistic and seamless views that continuously meet an organization’s unique business requirements. Powerful data insights allow for improved decision making faster at a time when it’s never been more critical.

“Variations in change across your pricing, costs, volumes and more are always difficult to reconcile to the bottom line,” Slosse said. “That’s especially true today, with change now serving as our new normal. To navigate out of these challenging times, it’s important to make smart decisions quickly.”

To support Vendavo customers that need better visibility for faster, smarter decision making across their business performance, Vendavo is offering VMBA at no cost for six months.

With a modern, cloud-based architecture, VBMA is an automated, secure, scalable, and agile SaaS solution that can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. Analyses are done with a ‘click not code’ configuration and build-your-own templates so organizations can quickly identify under-performing business areas.

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