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Fuel50 Launches FuelFutures to Support Coronavirus (COVID-19) Workforce Restructuring Needs

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Fuel50, creator of the world’s fastest-growing career experience platform, today announced the launch of FuelFutures™, its latest SaaS career solution designed to support organizations that need to quickly respond to these unprecedented times and the potential impact on their businesses. FuelFutures helps organizations redeploy talent and support the careers and futures of their people who may be facing redundancy, while protecting the employer brand with current, former and future employees.

A recent study by Moody’s Analytics revealed that almost 80 million jobs in the United States are at risk — more than 50% of the 153 million occupations all around. In a weekly survey of 350 businesses, they also found hiring was down 12% as of March 13 compared to a survey in December that revealed 41% of businesses were hiring.

“The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic means that organizations are having to respond quickly to unprecedented challenges on their workforce. Organizations and, particularly their chief human resource officers (CHRO), are having to urgently rethink their talent strategies, redeploy many of their staff members and, in some cases, reduce their workforce dramatically and radically,” said Anne Fulton, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuel50. “We understand the strain these times are placing on organizations and talent, and have released FuelFutures to support employees with connections to opportunities beyond their current organization, access to Fuel50’s dedicated, expert career coaches virtually and resources to quickly find new jobs. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to deliver outplacement support at-scale to employees, allowing them to quickly reconnect to new futures, while ensuring brand equity remains at a premium.”

Fuel50 has four offerings to respond to this unprecedented organizational challenge:

  • FuelArchitecture supports an organization’s redesign through virtual collaboration tools rather than in-person meetings to conduct job architecture reviews. This powerful career architecture tool assists with organizational redesign which could be an urgent imperative right now for many businesses.
  • FuelMobility, the organizational talent matching tool, supports identifying the best-fit talent that organizations want to retain, redeploy or retrench.
  • FuelGigs allows employees to be quickly redeployed to more immediate task priorities to meet demand. An example is the huge demand for food delivery services as people move to online delivery due to social isolation measures.
  • FuelFutures supports employees who may be displaced to find opportunities beyond their current organization. Organizations may be looking for scalable, virtual solutions rather than expensive outplacement services that were used in the past. Employees can be given access instantly to online coaches, job information and an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that matches them to the best-fit roles and vacancies to map to their personal skills and talents.

Fuel50’s FuelFutures offering is an outplacement and organization workforce re-engineering tool that enables employees that are to be displaced to find career opportunities beyond their existing organization, while maintaining the business brand equity with impacted staff, remaining staff and customers.

Organizations reengineering their workforce utilize FuelFutures to help talent transition to new opportunities. For example, Roche used Fuel50 as part of a proactive workforce re-engineering program over the past two years, and one employee said, “Fuel50 gave me a way to see the possibility of roles that matched to my talents and how I could develop and upskill myself to get there. It also gave me a way to know about what other roles exist and connect to live vacancies quickly.”

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