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Four Metrics Helping Telecom Companies Monitor & Benchmark Performance | Quantzig

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of its latest article that lists the top metrics that can help telecom companies track business performance.

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Four Metrics Helping Telecom Companies Monitor & Benchmark Performance (Graphic: Business Wire)

Four Metrics Helping Telecom Companies Monitor & Benchmark Performance (Graphic: Business Wire)

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The fierce competition, ongoing innovation, and technological advancements within the telecom sector are prompting leading telecom companies to drive growth by improving customer experience. However, driving customer experience is not an easy task considering the growing competitive pressure within the sector but requires intensive planning and constant innovation to keep the customers happy and the profits flowing. In a bid to remain competitive, telecom companies must use critical metrics to measure their performance and plan for the future. Our analytics experts have listed a few crucial metrics that can help telecom companies to monitor performance and compare them against industry benchmarks.

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According to the telecom analytics experts at Quantzig, “To gain a winning edge in today’s competitive telecom industry, businesses must leverage analytics and adopt necessary tools to better analyze data sets.”

Telecom Industry Metrics

1: Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

When it comes to measuring performance, ARPU can help telecom companies to measure the revenue they generate from every user. It also helps them analyze revenue and justify their spending patterns based on the ROI generated.

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2: Minutes of Usage (MOU)

MOU can help telecom companies gauge the time spent by a customer on their mobile phone in terms of the minutes of usage. This, in turn, can help telecom industry players to design targeted promotional campaigns that can be profitably catered to a group of people.

3: Churn Rate

Analyzing the churn rate gives an exact measure of the number of subscribers that discontinue the services offered by a telecom service provider.

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4: Subscriber Acquisition Cost (SAC)

SAC or subscriber acquisition cost can help telecom companies to gauge the average cost of including a new subscriber to their list by taking into account all the associated costs- including dealers commission, sales cost, marketing cost, terminal subsidy, and distribution cost.

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