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Forward-Looking Lake County Chooses Hart InterCivic’s New Voting Technology

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When Lake County citizens vote May 7, their ballots will be counted on
the modern, secure Verity®
 system from the jurisdiction’s long-time election partner Hart
. Verity was chosen over other systems for its security,
transparency and trusted customer support.

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Verity’s high-speed digital ballot scanning and adjudication solution makes managing vote-by-mail ba ...

Verity’s high-speed digital ballot scanning and adjudication solution makes managing vote-by-mail ballots efficient and secure. (Photo: Business Wire)

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“Verity is a long-term investment, and Lake County citizens will benefit
from continuing with a partner of Hart’s leadership, reliability and
experience. Hart has a track record of helping elections officials
respond to change with the right technology,” said Carol
Huchingson, County Administrative Officer, Interim Registrar of Voters.

“We’ve partnered with Hart since 2006, and our elections staff has
consistently found their customer service, training and support to be of
the highest quality,” she added. “Our long-term satisfaction with Hart
and their experience in California and other states makes us very
confident in adopting Verity’s ahead-of-the-curve technology.”

“Lake County shows strong leadership by choosing Verity. We appreciate
their continued confidence in Hart and are working closely with
elections staff to ensure the transition to Verity is smooth and
efficient,” said Phillip Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart
InterCivic, a U.S. company with more than 100 years of experience
providing election solutions.

“Hart’s staff has already been in Lakeport for product delivery and
testing and will work alongside the election office to make the most of
Verity’s advancements. Verity is the only all-new, proven system
certified in California,” he said.

The County’s elections team looks forward to Verity’s improvements and
long-term benefits. The team expects voters will find the ballot format
and voter accessibility systems easy to use, while Verity’s security
features will ensure the public’s votes are accurately represented.

“Ensuring the accuracy of election results is fundamental to our
democracy, and the Hart system offers auditing capacities and controls
that are truly essential for modern elections,” Huchingson said. “Our
elections office, with Hart’s support, can become a standard bearer for
both efficiency and security.”

Hart pioneered digital ballot scanning, and the company’s decade-plus
experience with the technology has strongly influenced Verity’s design.
Verity’s hardware and software features make elections secure and
transparent. A main component of the U.S.-built system is Verity
Central, with a streamlined workflow, logical onscreen adjudication and
no ballot pre-sorting required.

“We exist to serve the public, and it is essential to us that we partner
with companies with a similar service orientation. Hart is a great fit
for Lake County,” said Huchingson.

First federally certified in 2015, Verity is in use in more than 100
jurisdictions throughout the U.S., and Braithwaite expects more
announcements as a growing number of counties choose Verity over other

“Verity may be new to California, but we’ve been impressed with Hart’s
record of success in other states and encouraged that many neighboring
counties are also strongly considering Verity,” said Marcy Harrison,
Interim Deputy Registrar of Voters.

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