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Formulus Black Named Best Overall Solution at Advanced Scale Forum

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Venture-backed startup Formulus Black was honored with the award for
“Best Overall Solution” for its ForsaOS at the recent Advanced Scale
Forum, an event focusing on advanced IT solutions that solve Big Data
challenges and achieve performance beyond the capabilities of
traditional IT environments. Award winners were selected by invited
cross-industry attendees representing database, systems and solutions

The Advanced Scale Forum is an invitation-only “power summit” for
decision-makers like CTOs and CIOs who need scalable advanced enterprise
computing solutions. ForsaOS was selected for its ability to run
applications entirely in-memory, providing huge gains in compute
efficiency – even on standard, affordable hardware.

“Attendees of the Advanced Scale Forum are all looking to solve a common
problem of running performance-hungry workloads affordably and
efficiently, which is what we set out to do with ForsaOS, and we do it
at memory-channel speeds,” said Wayne Rickard, Chief Strategy and
Marketing Officer. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase
ForsaOS and connect with this community of industry leaders who have a
powerful voice in shaping the future of data science, cloud computing,
HPC, AI, and other advanced applications.”

Advanced Scale Forum 2019 was held April 15-17 in Ponte Vedra, Florida.
This year’s award for Formulus Black follows last year’s recognition at
ASF 2018 where Formulus Black was named “Most Promising New Company.”

ForsaOS software utilizes fast DRAM memory as storage to enable larger
database and analytics workloads to run and persist in memory on
commodity hardware, without any application changes, compression,
encryption, or added peripherals. ForsaOS can increase effective memory
capacity by up to 24x and improve processing speed as much as 450x,
exponentially improving cost effectiveness, data security, and memory
utilization. Its algorithms identify, organize, and encode data patterns
used in any application and OS, and its built-in hypervisor leverages
the company’s patented Formulus Bit Markers (FbMs) technology to allow
many more virtual server instances on standard hardware than
conventional hypervisors. The software stack is the first in the world
to keep data in persistent memory while remaining safe against power
loss, and provides complete in-memory system backup and restore in
minutes instead of hours or days. ForsaOS is ideal for large data sets
and high-performance workloads typical of enterprises in the financial
services, automotive, telecom, energy, university, and healthcare

About Formulus Black

Led by technology veterans in the data storage, networking and computing
industries, as well as successful serial entrepreneurs, Formulus Black
is a software company that is unlocking the power of in-memory compute
for all applications, delivering a level of performance unmatchable by
any SSD or other I/O-bound technology. The company owns an extensive
portfolio of intellectual property, including 15 issued U.S. patents and
8 global patents covering its core technologies and brands. Additional
information about the company and its ForsaOS software stack is
available at
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