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FluxCredit, Inc. Announces Results of Special COVID-19 Board Meeting

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At its special meeting of board members on April 21, 2020, FluxCredit, Inc. announced that they secured Disaster Relief and PPP Funding from SBA to keep their employees on payroll. In mid-March, Flux adhered to the Stay At Home Order, which was mandated by the State of California. Employees were cut to part-time and remote work from home status. However, the board has unveiled a new strategy to maximize company growth.

Flux will now allow one Personal Concierge to work alone in their Ventura, CA, office. This gives the company the ability to sign up new clients without the at-home distraction. The board agreed to increase their marketing budget eightfold to capitalize on this moment. FluxCredit CEO Jeremy Jacobus pronounced, “This is a horrible time for our country – this world. With nearly a third of the entire workforce suffering from their hours being cut or getting laid off, the American consumer is in trouble. Sure, stimulus packages will help mitigate some of the damage, but that may only postpone the inevitable. We are in a position to assist in-debt Americans with their financial woes and help avoid a flood of bankruptcies, which would completely depress our economy. We must remain sensitive when communicating with our clients. This virus is real, and it has, and will, continue to impact everyone!”

It was reported that Jacobus’ mother contracted COVID-19 but has since fully recovered. The company’s new direction went into effect on Monday, April 27, 2020.

First quarter 2020 highlights, year-over-year:

–Revenue increased 85% to $78,396.

–Total Clients increased 86% to 292.

–Total Assets increased 180% to $97,793.

About FluxCredit, Inc.

FluxCredit is a financial services company, adopting FinTech innovation, to provide an all-inclusive credit solution for indebted consumers in the U.S. The Company’s primary business is to settle client debts, repair credit, help resolve creditor lawsuits, assist on tax issues/returns, establish a new FDIC Savings account and reestablish their creditworthiness by offering a new secured VISA Card. Their 24/7 concierge service will help guide clients through tough financial decisions. They are headquartered in Ventura, California.

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